WOW Episode 2:06 Results 10/19/19

WOW results on AXS TV from Los Angeles, California at The Belasco Theatre (taped May 2019):

Lana Star and The Lioness came out to the ring. Star said she wanted to set the record straight. She said she gave Amber O’Neal the opportunity everyone wishes they could have had by turning her into The Beverly Hills Babe and making her a protege. She said O’Neal failed so she’s been replaced by The Lioness. She put over The Lioness as pro wrestling’s version of a pop star.

She said when she and The Lioness faced O’Neal and Jessie Jones in the WOW Tag Team Titles Tournament, she never wanted to be in the ring, but Jones caused her to make an illegal tag. She said they were robbed and lost the match because of that.

Jones and O’Neal came out. Jones told Star that talk is cheap just like her plastic surgeon. She said she and O’Neal will rearrange her face for free.

The Fabulous Lana Star and The Lioness vs. Jessie Jones (aka Jessie Belle Smothers) and Amber O’Neal

O’Neal pinned Star after the Kick Stand face plant.

This was a good opener. Star made The Lioness wrestle most of the match again. Jones and O’Neal worked over the arm of The Lioness with old school holds and tagging in and out. Star refused to tag in, even when The Lioness needed her to and she had the opportunity.

The Lioness was finally able to knock Jones down with a spinkick and Star made the tag, hoping to get a quick pin on Jones. Jones recovered and tagged O’ Neal and then pulled The Lioness off the ring so she couldn’t make the save.

They showed a video profile on Princess Aussie and her situation with Siren The Voodoo Doll and Holidead trying to possess her.

Psycho Sister Fury (aka Harlow O’Hara accompanied by Razor and Mezmeriah) vs. Princess Aussie

Fury got the pin after her Flight of Fury inverted drop.

This was a back and forth match where they kicked out of everything that they gave to each other. Mezmeriah and Razor (aka Sarah The Rebel) attacked Aussie on the ring as Fury had the referee distracted before the finish.

The Psycho Sisters continued to attack Aussie after the match but Siren and Holidead slowly walked out to make the save and the heels took off. Siren and Holidead circled Aussie as if to intimidate her but they didn’t harm her.

Footage was shown of how Fire (aka Kiera Hogan) and Adrenaline (aka Diamanté) became a team. Adrenaline said she has MMA experience and they showed her sparring with Fire.

The Temptress (aka Katrina Waters) and The Dagger (aka Michelle Blanchard) vs. Adrenaline and Fire in a WOW Tag Team Titles Tournament Match

Adrenaline got the pin on Dagger after a Fire assisted Asai DDT to advance.

This was wild at the end as Fire dove on Temptress on the outside and they brawled. Fire then quickly ran back in the ring to help in the finish and she also gave Temptress a baseball slide dropkick to stop her from making the save.

Ring announcer Shaul Guerrero interviewed the baby faces in the ring after. They said it’s a dream come true and they will win the vacant tag titles.

A video package was shown on the ongoing title contender situation with The Beast and Jungle Grrrl trying to challenge WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard. They made it like Blanchard is playing games and refusing to sign a contract to face The Beast.

Main Event – The Beast vs. Nikki Krampus (with Sophia Lopez)

The Beast got the pin after the spear. Krampus splashed her in the corner and tried to go for a second one but ran into the spear.

The Beast got on the mic and said she wanted Blanchard now if Blanchard has the guts to face her.

Blanchard came out to the entranceway and looked like she was willing but then backed off and decided to argue.

Jungle Grrrl attacked The Beast from behind with a chair as she was arguing with Blanchard. Blanchard laughed because her top two contenders are trying to take each other out in order to get to her.

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