SHINE 61 results from Woodside, N.Y. at La Boom and live on FITE and Club WWN on 9/21/19 (Yes, this is way late but I wanted to make sure to cover it when time allowed me):

Trevin Adams opens the show like usual in the ring and for once nobody came out to interrupt his announcements.

Notorious Nadi vs. Tina San Antonio

Lenny Leonard is the play by play announcer.

Nadi gets the pin after a Double Arm DDT and a foot on the rope. The referee first saw the foot and refused to count but she ended up putting the foot back on it as he counted again.

San Antonio was all over Nadi at the start with a series of cradles, a bulldog, and a submission attempt.

Nadi gets control then they both fight in the corner. Nadi kicks San Antonio away and delivers a running double knee shot.

Leonard said it’s the first time San Antonio has appeared for the company since SHINE 7 because she left wrestling for a while.

Candy Cartwright and Double D’Rose vs. Avery Taylor and Brittany Blake

Blake submitted Cartwright to a modified Texas Cloverleaf after she and Taylor sent D’Rose crashing to the outside as she tried to charge at them.

D’Rose finally turned on Cartwright after the match and gave her the W.O.A.D. in the corner. Cartwright was carried out by two referees.

Alex Gracia vs. Brandi Lauren

Gracia got the pin after countering Lauren’s Rings of Lauren submission hold and folded her over for the three count.

The ring ropes were loose so they had to take a forced intermission for the crew could tighten them up.

Marti Belle and Jayme Jameson vs. Lindsay Snow and Jenna

Belle and Jameson get the win after a wheelbarrow cutter double team for Jameson to pin Snow.

Kris Statlander vs. Natalia Markova

Statlander got the pin with her cradled tombstone piledriver.

This was a good hard hitting back and forth match. Statlander used a variety of her “alien” unorthodox moves. Lots of kicks, strikes, and high impact moves from both. Markova shook her hand in a show of respect after.

Statlander has been on WWE’s radar. A few more women are expected to be signed later this year or early next year.

SHINE Tag Team Champions Gabby Gilbert and Lucious Latasha vs. Big Swole and Aja Perera (with Ayla) in a Street Fight

Perera and Swole won the titles after a double pin. Swole hit Latasha with Dirty Dancing and Perera hit Gilbert with a flying double stomp.

Perera is now a SHINE Tag Team Champion and a former Nova Champion. This is Swole’s first title with the company.

Ivelisse vs. Mercedes Martinez

Martinez got the pin after a superplex in a hard fought grudge match.

The two friends and tag team partners ended their differences after the match. Ivelisse grabbed Martinez and hugged her.

SHINE Champion Allysin Kay vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Blackheart is the Nova Champion but it is not a title vs. title match. Only the SHINE Title is on the line.

Kay gets the win after shoving the referee into Blackheart on the top rope and then hitting her with her own helmet followed by the AK-47 for the pin.

Blackheart gave Kay a Sliced Bread #2 on the apron and a wicked looking Saito Suplex.

Kay retuned with a wheelbarrow German Suplex.

Lots of exchanges and fast paced stuff as they tried to charge after each other in the corner.

Blackheart was all over Kay with a codebreaker, 619, and DDT.

Mercedes Martinez came out after wanting a title shot next. She was then jumped from behind by Marti Belle and Jayme Jameson. Aja Perera and Big Swole tried to make the save but Double D’Rose came in and took them out.

Ivelisse ran everyone off with a chair but then turned on Martinez by hitting her with the chair. She followed up with a DDT on the chair.

Kay, Belle, Jameson, and D’Rose came back in the ring to help Ivelisse stomp on Martinez. One by one the midcard baby face members on the card tried to make the save but they were taken out by the heels.

Kay got on the mic and calmly said that SHINE better prepare for war.

The next show is SHINE 61 back at La Boom on 11/9/19 at 3pm. No card announced just yet.

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