Impact Wrestling “Throwback Throwdown” Results 10/27/19

Impact Wrestling TV tapings special “Throwback Throwdown” in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada at Don Kolov Arena on 10/27/19:

The concept of the show was basically a ripoff of the NWA reboot, WWE’s Southpaw Regional Wrestling, and Olde Wrestling.

It was a studio style format. For one night the name of the company was changed to “Impact Provincial Wrestling Federation”. They even had an early 1980s style initials logo hanging up with the letters “IPWF”.

Don Callis came out doing color commentary dressed like he was rock star Dee Snider. Josh Matthews was Ron Burgundy. Sami Callihan was a manager in a spoof of Jim Cornette.

I’m told the show stealers were a female stable of Jessicka Havok, Tessa Blanchard, Jordynne Grace, and Alexia Nicole. They came out wearing sunglasses and red and white T-shirts that said “Rough Riders”. The logo design looked like they were supposed to be pre-1984 when pro wrestling T-shirts were very simple and basic in places outside of the WWF, no doubt due to low budgets.

Apparently they were supposed to be a female version of the 1980s Four Horsemen. Havok cut a promo similar to what Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard used to do, saying fans could show up to their hotel because they’re always open for business. I’m told Tessa’s facial expressions and body language with the cocky smile and swagger were incredibly reminiscent of her father during the segment.

This show will air on AXS TV on 11/26/19 at 8pm EST. It seems like it will be fun hearted programming during Thanksgiving Week.

Like with Southpaw Regional Wrestling, the wrestlers had alternate names and gimmicks to fit the retro theme.

The Rough Riders beat The Rascalz when Blanchard got the pin after the Buzzsaw DDT.

Rich Swann beat Ace Austin.

Madison Rayne won a match over someone called Agnes Deerheart. Jimmy Jacobs came out to offer Rayne a contract. She signed it but then beat Jacobs up and tore up the deal.

Kongo Kong returned to the company for this and he did a BodySlam Challenge segment. Someone came out and couldn’t slam him. Then area indie regular Mr. Atlantis came out and couldn’t slam him either. Finally, Brian Cage came out and was able to get the slam for the win.

Moose beat Joey Ryan (accompanied by Keira Hogan).

Rich Swann beat Ace Austin.

Johnny Swinger beat Buck Gunderson.

The Deaners beat D-Lo Brown and Fallah Bahh.

Eddie Edwards beat Gama Singh in a blindfold match.

Michael Elgin and Mad Man Fulton showed up doing an 80s Russian gimmick and they beat up Scott D’Amore (doing some sort of throwback manager or authority figure gimmick). D’Amore said they would be in a match next week.

Brian Cage and Aiden Prince beat Michael Elgin and Mad Man Fulton.

Willie Mack beat Ethan Page to win the International Commonwealth TV Title in the main event which also had a loser leaves town stipulation.

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