NWA Powerrr Ep. 4 Results 10/29/19

NWA Powerrr results from Atlanta, Georgia at Georgia Public Broadcasting on 10/29/19 and airing on YouTube (show taped a few weeks ago): https://youtu.be/pQ8MkbUXMK0

Joe Galli and Jim Cornette welcome everyone and run down some of the card then National Champion James Storm came out to interrupt. He said he’s tired of coming out week after week to try and prove himself to the NWA. He said Nick Aldis is ducking him and Colt Cabana is still on him even after losing the title. Cabana came out and said the National Title is his and he lost it because of the leg injury.

Eli Drake came out and said he knows Cabana wants the National Title back because it’s a ticket to a World Title shot. He agreed with Storm that Aldis seems to be ducking him. Aldis came out and Drake told him that he personally doesn’t have a problem with him but he thinks it’s time to let Storm have his shot.

Aldis said they should settle things in the ring like men. He suggested a 6-man tag. He said if his team wins then Cabana gets a National Title shot.

Storm agreed, but he said if his team wins he gets a shot at the World Title.

Aldis added one more stipulation. He said if Storm’s team wins, he should give up the National Title too in exchange for the World Title shot so he really has something to lose. Storm agreed.

David Marquez interviewed Trevor Murdoch. He said he’s known Murdoch for 25 years and wondered why he isn’t smiling. Murdoch said he’s there for an NWA contract. He said Jocephus shouldn’t be suspended for attacking Colt Cabana last week, he should wrestle him tonight instead like men.

Jocephus came out and did a hilarious promo saying he’s tired of suffering from “humilagrations” from “Corgan shapeshifters” like Cabana, Storm, and Murdoch each week. Murdoch told him to get his “ass in the ring”. Jocephus warned him that his Spiritual Adviser gave him permission to commit violence.

Trevor Murdoch vs. Jocephus

Murdoch got the pin after kicking the white powder Jocephus was going to use against him in his face and followed up with a bulldog off the ropes.

The Thunder Rosa video aired again to announce she’ll be coming soon.

Joe Galli interview with Aron Stevens. Steven acted aloof and bragged that he was a big time actor again. Ricky Starks came out and offered his hand in limp style as if he wanted Stevens to kiss it. He said Starks looked ridiculous. Starks slapped him and Steven sold it like it was the worst thing to ever happen to him. Starks said Stevens talks too much.

A hilarious “Swinging 70s” commercial aired with Austin Idol advertising his “Kayfabe Cocktail” to romance women. He said he can’t tell what’s in it because that would break kayfabe. Idol was always a real good personality and one of those guys who should have been a bigger star. You can watch the ad here: https://twitter.com/nwa/status/1189533772175286273?s=21

They showed clips of The Crockett Cup from earlier this year featuring The Rock and Roll Express. Ricky Morton said it was an honor to be invited because they are the 80s. Magnum TA said it was great to see them back. A graphic said R&R Express will be coming soon.

Homicide and Eddie Kingston vs. The Dawsons in a No DQ Match

Dave Dawson pinned Kingston after interference from NWA World Tag Team Champions Royce Issacs and Thom Latimer. Latimer hit Zane Dawson with one of the title belts then Issacs slammed Kingston on a pile of chairs and placed Dave on top for the win.

The Question Mark video aired to plug his upcoming arrival.

Marti Belle was interviewed backstage and said Allysin Kay is her best friend but she’s going to prove herself because business is business.

Marti Belle vs. Ashley Vox

NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay came out to Marquez’s desk. She told Belle that she doesn’t think she’s ready for a title shot. She said she already beat Vox once in a title defense. She said they need to prove themselves and she’ll be watching.

Vox got the pin with a jackknife cover as Belle was trying to go for the pedigree. Good, solid match. Thunder Rosa slid in the ring when it was over and wanted to shake Belle’s hand but Belle refused and walked out of the ring.

The Tony Falk commercial for Waffles and Tire Irons aired again.

Aaron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks

Starks rolled up Stevens for the pin as Stevens ducked and whimpered when Starks was about to slap him again.

NWA World Champion Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana, and Mr. Anderson vs. National Champion James Storm and NWA World Tag Team Champions Royce Issacs and Thom Latimer (If Team Aldis wins Cabana gets National Title shot, if Team Storm wins Storm gets a World Title shot)

Cabana pinned Latimer after Aldis slammed Latimer down. Storm accidentally superkicked Issacs and Anderson clotheslined Storm out of the ring. Cabana earned his National Title shot.

I thought this was a fun episode. The NWA is so far actually the “wrestling alternative” that Impact Wrestling and AEW claim to be.

I also want to point out some credit to David Marquez. He has a wonderful voice as ring announcer and interviewer. He’s been a promoter and wrestling personality for a few decades. The seeds of NWA Powerrr were started on his Championship Wrestling from Hollywood weekly TV show.

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