RISE “La Escalera” results from Berwyn, Illinois at the Eagles Club on 11/1/19 and live on FITE: https://www.fite.tv/watch/rise-la-escalera/2p2dt/

Zan Phoenix beat Bel Pierce in a dark match before the FITE broadcast.

Elayna Black and Hawlee Cromwell vs. Dust and Ash (with Rosemary)

Raven’s Ash is apparently just Ash now. Veda Scott is calling the action solo.

Cromwell and Black pinned Ash in a really stupid finish after Su Yung sprayed red mist in Ash’s face.

Cromwell and Black are a tag team called “Witch Please” where they’re supposed to be witches like on the Charmed TV show. Ash and Dust dominated the first few minutes and they were going to rush Cromwell and Black in the corner but the witches put up their hands as if they were doing a “freezing spell” and stopped the heels in their tracks.

Rosemary came into the ring and got on the mic. She said it was cute that they were trying to do a spell and asked if they were trying to vanquish her.

Cromwell and Black said it wasn’t a vanquishing spell. It was a summoning spell. Scary music played and out came Su Yung from under ring. She was in her old creepy form and not the new friendly ghost form she appeared in on this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

This wasn’t really even a match and just an excuse to do “performance art” theatrics.

Lindsay Snow vs. ThunderKitty

Snow won by neck crank submission.

Mercedes Martinez and Miranda Alize vs. Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo

Today is Vox’s birthday and the fans chanted Happy Birthday at her. She started things off against Alize.

Alize pinned Vox when Martinez shoved Vox into her and she delivered a cutter. It looked like the referee botched the count and didn’t seem to count a full three but he still declared Alize and Martinez the winners.

Martinez and Alize stomped on Team Sea Stars a bit after and sarcastically wished Vox a Happy Birthday.

Candy Lee vs. Jamie Senegal

This was billed as a Divas Match.

Lee got the pin after the Split Ends which is a flying splits leg drop off the top rope.

They got into a “cat fight” at one point and then a slapping fest a little later on.

Allysin Kay vs. Taya Valkyrie in a Savage AF Match

The ring announcer read the rules and said the match can’t end until 3 mystery items are revealed. There is No DQ or Count Out.

Kay revealed the first item out of a trash can which was a bottle of vodka. They both took turns drinking out of it.

Scott explained the rules are also that each item must be used too. (I’m regretting the $15 spent on this show).

They both acted drunk and took wild swings at each other and fell off the apron. Then they both reached under the ring for bottles of water to drink to sober up.

After several minutes of action Kay went for the second item and hit Valkyrie in the face with the trash can lid when Valkyrie tried to stop her. The second item was a pair of Incredible Hulk boxing gloves. Kay used them to punch Valkyrie in comedy fashion.

Valkyrie used a staple gun to staple a picture of herself to Kay’s buttocks.

Kay brought out the third and final item which was an actual machete. She charged at Valkyrie but Valkyrie got out of the way and rolled her up for the pin and the win.

This whole thing was more “performance art” (aka the code word for wanting a free pass to do stupid comedy).

Guardians Of RISE Tag Team Champions Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh vs. Charli Evans and Jessica Troy

Nevaeh pinned Troy after a double team cutter.

Saraya Knight vs. Cassandro El Exotico with Colt Cabana as special guest referee

Cassandro pinned Knight after Cabana forced a kiss on her and Cassandro followed up with a fisherman buster.

Lots of comedy with crotch shots and kissing. After the match Knight bowed to him and shook his hand. Cassandro told the crowd it was 61 years of experience in the ring between him and Knight.

La Escalera Ladder Elimination Match with winner getting a title shot at the Rise Legendary show next year

Priscilla Kelly vs. Hyan vs. Ruby Raze vs. Jake Atlas vs. Jesus Bryce vs. Kylie Rae

Bryce eliminated Hyan first with a roll up for the pin.

Raze back dropped Bryce onto a ladder out of the ring. Raze power bombed Atlas on a ladder on the outside.

Rae used the ladder to sandwich Bryce in the cross face submission to eliminate him.

Atlas, Kelly, and Rae power bombed Raze off the ladder into chairs in the ring for the pin and elimination.

Rae grabbed the contract to win the match by tickling the armpit of Atlas then knocking him off the ladder. Kelly was taken out earlier with a backpack stunner by Atlas when she had him in a sleeper as he was climbing up the ladder.

Confusing rules and bad booking as neither Kelly or Atlas were eliminated. Anyone could try to grab the contract during the match. I think it would have made more sense if only the final two left could compete for the contract after everyone else was eliminated.

Phoenix of Rise Champion Big Swole vs. Laynie Luck

Big Swole got the pin after the Dirty Dancing strike to the face in the best match of the show by far. Swole shook hands in sportsmanship afterwards.

Rosemary vs. Shotzi Blackheart in in a No Holds Barred Match

This is Blackheart’s final RISE event before going to the WWE Performance Center and then eventually NXT.

Blackheart got the pin with a Tiger Suplex.

Dust tried to interfere but got the mist accidentally from Rosemary. Blackheart then gave Rosemary the flying senton in what really should have been the finish but Rosemary got her shoulder up and the match continued for a few more minutes. The fans actually got up to cheer knowing the flying senton is Blackheart’s usual finisher too.

Fans threw several green balls in the ring after and chanted “Thank You, Shotzi”.

Blackheart got on the mic and said she didn’t know what to say and didn’t expect to say anything. She said she started with the company at the first RISE show and learned so much since that one. Owner Kevin Harvey came out and hugged her on the way back to the locker room.

This was a bad show with terrible booking and bad wrestling overall. I was considering dropping RISE from this site’s coverage in 2020 (along with SHIMMER and SHINE) just because there’s too much wrestling to cover from around the world. Watching this show definitely confirmed my decision.

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