WOW Episode 2:08 Results 11/2/19

WOW episode 2:08 results on AXS TV on 11/2/19 from Los Angeles, California at The Belasco Theatre (taped in May 2019):

The show opened with Lana Star acting nervous in a parking lot. The Beast popped up behind her. She sternly warned Star not to get involved in her matches again and she also gave her what seemed to be a friendly warning about doing business with Tessa Blanchard. She basically suggested that Blanchard can’t be trusted.

David McLane brought Jungle Grrrl to the ring. She said she’s #1 con. even by beating The Beast by DQ when Lana Star and The Lioness interfered last week. She said a win is a win and she wants her title match.

WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard came out and said she already beat her. She said she’s already got another title challenger tonight then sarcastically said she might face Grrrl at another time.

Khloe Hurtz (aka Katie Forbes) vs. Sassy Massy (Alicia Edwards)

Massy got the pin after the Complete Shot. Good back and forth opener.

Hurtz was brought out by her male ring rats. She jumped Massy at the bell. Later she distracted the referee as the ring rats tripped up Massy from the outside.

Hurtz did the deadlifts squats with Massy on her back during the match.

They showed security footage of The Dixie Darlings stealing stuff out of Jessie Jones and Amber O’Neal’s locker room.

Chantilly Chella greeted her usual tag team partner Sassy Massy in the hallway as they were coming and going from the ring.

The Temptress (aka Katrina Waters accompanied by The Dagger aka Michelle Blanchard) vs. Chantilly Chella (aka RayLyn)

Chella got the pin after a spin kick to the head in another good match.

Chella looked like she had it won earlier after a cutter but The Dagger pulled The Temptress out of the ring. Chella hit her beautiful looking missile drop kick in the match.

In the locker room, Jones and O’Neal discovered that someone took their wrestling boots.

Jessie Jones (aka Jessie Belle Smothers) & Amber O’Neal vs. Fire (aka Keira Hogan) & Adrenaline (aka Diamante) in a WOW Tag Team Titles Tournament Match

Jones asked McLane to postpone the match before it started because of not having their boots. McLane refused and said they can wrestle barefoot if they have to. Jones ended up wrestling in her socks which had Donald Trump’s face on them. O’Neal wrestled in her regular shoes.

Fire submitted O’Neal with a twisted ankle lock after taking off one of O’Neal’s shoes and throwing it at Jones on the apron.

Non-stop action and Adrenaline looked like a whirlwind in the ring flying all over the place including hitting O’Neal with an explosive flying body press. Jones was dumped over the top rope on the apron and she twisted her ankle without her boots on.

Shaul Guerrero interviewed the baby faces in the ring and told them that they are going to the tournament finals for the vacant Tag Titles (there was never an actual bracket given at any time during this entire tournament). They said they are going all the way because they have come this far and they will win the belts.

Backstage, Jones and O’Neal were taunted by The Dixie Darlings who showed them that they had their boots. Jones and O’Neal went after them for it and they brawled.

A big video bio was shown on The Lioness to really put her over huge as a 19 year old starlet. McLane said if Blanchard defeated The Lioness to retain, then she must defend against Jungle Grrrl as the next challenger without any more excuses.

The Lioness (accompanied by Lana Star) vs. WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard

Blanchard got the pin after the Diamond DDT (aka buzzsaw DDT/hammerlock DDT) in a solid main event.

The Lioness did a dive through the ropes to Blanchard on the floor at one point in the match and there was an incredible overhead camera shot that made it look like she was flying through the air.

Jungle Grrrl ran in and speared Blanchard after the match and they had a pull apart as the show went off the air.

A really fun and action packed show from start to finish this week. A clean and clear finish in a WOW main event too which was another plus.

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