Ice Ribbon Results 11/3/19: Title Change

Ice Ribbon results from Osaka, Japan at 176BOX on 11/3/19:

Suzu Suzuki and Ibuki Hoshi beat Riko Kawahata and Yappy when Suzuki pinned Yappy with a German Suplex.

Banny Oikawa and Tae Honma beat Matsuya Uno and Kyuri when Oikawa pinned Uno.

Satsuki Totoro pinned Itsuki Aoki after a diving senton.

Maika Ozaki and Ram Kaicho beat Tequila Saya and Himeka Arita when Ozaki pinned Saya.

Rina Yamashita pinned Akane Fujita after a lariat.

Tsukasa Fujimoto and Tsukushi won the International Ribbon Tag Team Titles from Risa Sera and Maya Yukihi when Tsukushi pinned Sera.

After the match, Suzu Suzuki challenged Yukihi for the ICEx Title on 11/23/19.

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