AAA Lucha Capital Results 10/30/19

AAA Lucha Capital results from Mexico City, Mexico at Pinche Gringo BBQ and broadcast on Facebook Watch on 10/30/19:

This shows how much pro wrestling content there is in 2019 as I’m just getting time to watch this show almost a week later.

Mamba vs. Bengala vs. Abismo Negro Jr.

Bengala got the pin on Mamba after a picture perfect super rana.

Vanilla (Vargas) vs. Keyra vs. Lady Shani

The fans were acting like “Will E. Groper” as all three women came out. One put their arm well across Vanilla’s should to take a picture. It took Keyra forever to get to the ring because she was mobbed.

Keyra got the pin on Vanilla after blasting her in the face with a kick and following up with a German Suplex.

Mr. Iguana vs. Carta Brava Jr. vs. Octagon Jr.

Octagon pinned Brava after a reverse slam off the top rope.

Murder Clown vs. Pagano vs. Psycho Clown

Psycho pinned Murder after the Code Red.

The DJ for these events had a cool Facebook logo lucha mask on.

AAA is back tomorrow night live at 10pm EST with another Lucha Capital show on Facebook Watch. They will be live on Twitch at 9pm EST on 11/9/19.

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