NWA Powerrr Episode 5 Results 11/5/19

NWA Powerrr results on 11/5/19 from Atlanta, Georgia at Georgia Public Broadcasting airing on YouTube and Facebook (show taped a month ago): https://youtu.be/wRM1P8cJ8FA

Joe Galli and Jim Cornette open the show at the desk and run down some of the matches.

Dave Marquez interviewed Colt Cabana. Cabana is high energy as usual and excited about facing National Champion James Storm in the main event. He said he never considered himself a main eventer but he deserves this. He said he’s 100% now and ready to go.

Marquez interviewed Aaron Stevens next. Stevens said he’s been out of the ring awhile and has ring rust but he wants a match with Ricky Starks. He also said he’s a long distance relative of Shakespeare.

There was a commercial with Nick Aldis advertising a RetroMania Wrestling video game coming out next year. It is a real video game and not a spoof commercial.

The Dawsons vs. Mims and Kingsley

The Dawsons pinned Mims after a double team power bomb.

Marquez interviewed The Dawsons right after. They demanded a tag team title shot because they’ve gone through every other team.

Homicide and Eddie Kingston came out. Kingston said they should face each other one more time to see who deserves the title shot. The Dawsons said they would think about it.

They showed a taped interview Joe Galli did with Tim Storm. Storm said his career has been in a valley but he doesn’t regret anything. He said he doesn’t know where things are going from here. Galli asked him if he wants to go after another NWA title since he’s banned from challenging for the NWA World Title. Storm said he doesn’t think it would be the same goal.

Nick Aldis walked up and pulled Storm to the side and the cameras caught the conversation. Aldis gave him a pep talk and told him not to walk away or say things he’ll regret.

Thunder Rosa vs. Ashley Vox

Rosa got the pin after a big diving double stomp. She continued to attack after the match but Marti Belle made the save by running in the ring and giving her a stare down. Rosa backed off.

Marquez interviewed Belle at ringside. She said she didn’t know Rosa or what her intentions are. She then went on to complain about Allysin Kay not giving her a title shot yet they’re friends.

Kay came out and said Belle should have talked to her in private instead of making it like an episode of Dr. Phil.

Thunder Rosa back jumped Kay from behind and threw her into the ring post and then into the ring. Belle ran in the ring looking like she was going to make the save on Kay, but she turned on her instead and kicked her in the face as Rosa laughed. Rosa and Belle left the ring together.

(FYI- Today, 11/5/19, is Allysin Kay’s birthday)

Stevens was dressed for action and did a brief interview with Marquez before entering the ring.

Aaron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks in a 2/3 Falls Match

Starks won the first fall in a few seconds. He pinned Stevens with a roll up as Stevens tried to rush him in the corner right after the bell.

Cornette and Galli said it was about a three seconds match and a new NWA record time. Cornette said there is a thirty seconds rest period between falls.

Starks pinned Stevens in two falls straight after several more minutes of action. Stevens was about to pin him but showed off to the crowd allowing Starks to roll him up for the three count.

National Champion James Storm (with Eli Drake) vs. Colt Cabana (with Mr. Anderson)

Cabana won the title with the Superman Pin as there was chaos at ringside which distracted Storm. Drake and Anderson started to argue at ringside then Kamille came out and shoved Drake into Anderson. She sternly stared Anderson down.

The Dawsons came out and told Marquez they don’t want to wait- they want to have the tag match now.

The Dawsons vs. Eddie Kingston and Homicide

Homicide got the pin after a backfist from Kingston and his own cutter.

NWA World Tag Team Champions Royce Issacs and Thom Latimer tried to interfere but all of a sudden The Rock and Roll Express ran out and fought them off to the locker room.

The R&R Express came back out after the match to celebrate with Kingston and Homicide as the show went off the air.

This was a jam packed episode of excitement and lots of storyline advancement.

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