Combate Americas And AXS TV Announce TV Deal

AXS TV and Combate Americas held a press conference today.

Anthem Sports and Entertainment’s Ed Nordholm announced an AXS TV partnership with Combate Americas starting next year. He said they will do 35 live events minimum along with “shoulder programming” each Friday night. There will be an AXS TV special on 12/6/19 to promote the 12/7/19 ppv on FITE.

CA CEO Campbell McLaren was there and spoke. He’s an incredible hype man. He was super excited dropping all kinds of “F-Bombs”. He said shoulder programs mean specials about the product and the fighters to get to know them. He said 81% of CA Fights end by the fighters instead of judges. He said they are the best and most exciting MMA group on the planet. He said AXS TV is about fun content with MMA and wrestling.

McLaren said they have one more show on DAZN. He said they needed a good English TV partner. He said they’re on Univision but AXS TV has a sophisticated MMA fan base that really knows the sport. He put over the announcer crew.

The personality contrasts between McLaren and Nordholm were humorous. Nordholm is a mild mannered laid back Canadian who sat back with a smile on his face as McLaren cut promos.

Tito Ortiz and Alberto Rodriguez were there to promote their 12/7/19 CA fight which will air live on FITE.

Ortiz answered reporter questions. He was very polite and soft spoken. He said he’s had a lot of MMA bosses and had a “love and hate” relationship with Dana White. He kept calling Rodríguez “Alberto Del Rio”, his former WWE name.

Rodriguez said he loves MMA and left it to do pro wrestling back and forth.

McLaren said he loves MMA, boxing, and pro wrestling. He mentioned Thunder Rosa and Rodriguez doing both pro wrestling and MMA.

A reporter asked a question about people not taking Ortiz vs. Rodriguez seriously. McLaren cut a comedy promo and cussed saying “f- them then. don’t buy it then”.

Rodriguez said he is a pro wrestler but this is MMA and he is taking it seriously. He said “f- people who are saying it”.

Ortiz assured everyone that this won’t be a pro wrestling style fixed work. He said he’s risking his health and spending the time away from his family doing training and getting into a real fight.

Eric Denton of PW Insider asked a question to Rodriguez about pro wrestling and MMA crossover. He said he’s a good friend of CM Punk and reporters who criticize him have never stepped in the ring.

McLaren followed up and said Punk had courage to try to do MMA but he honestly stunk up the ring and it will be Rodriguez’s job to clear out that stink.

Rodriguez talked about Thunder Rosa. He said he gives her credit because it’s not easy to switch from pro wrestling to MMA easy. He said she needs to switch off the professional wrestler switch in herself. He said she’s been training and they all support her.

They did a contract signing at the end between Nordholm and McLaren to make the TV deal official. Nobody turned over a table.

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