AAA Triplemania Regia Card 12/1/19

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide held a press conference today on their Facebook to announce the matches for the 12/1/19 Triplemania Regia event in Monterrey, Mexico at Palacio Sultan which is the baseball stadium.

Jesus Zuniga was the MC. He introduced Willie González who owns the baseball team. He said things will be set up to accommodate 15,000 fans.

A representative of Roshfrans came out to the stage as the company is the sponsor of the event.

AAA’s Dorian Roldan came out and gave an update on La Parka. He said he has been moved out of ICU and he has feeling and some movement in his arms and legs.

They brought up AAA having partnerships with AEW, Impact Wrestling, and now MLW. Roldan said they are willing to work with anyone if it’s good for business.

Roldan announced the card for 12/1/19:

Lady Maravilla, Demus, Cassandro, and Dave the Clown vs. Big Mami, Pimpinela Escarlata, and Mascarita Dorada

Tito Santana, Carta Brava, Jr., and Mocho Cota, Jr. vs. La Parka Jr., Hijo De La Park, and Hijo de Volador

Taurus and Villano III Jr. vs. Hijo Del Vikingo and Aramis vs. Cage and Puma King vs. Bandido and Flamita

Women’s Champion Taya Valkyrie vs. Keyra vs. Faby Apache vs. Lady Shani vs. Ayako Hamada

Copa Triplemania Match with names to be announced as surprises

Pagano vs. Rush vs. L.A. Park

Pagano came out to talk. He wants a hardcore match with barb wire.

They showed a video promo of Rush hyping the match. He had the ROH World Title over his shoulder.

AAA Mega Champion Kenny Omega vs. Dragon Lee

Lee appeared and spoke to reporters.

Roldan said the show will not air live which is unfortunate.

The main event will be a Lucha de Apuestas Cage Match with Psycho Clown, Aerostar, Blue Demon Jr., Texano Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Rey Escorpion, Chessman, and Monsther Clown

Psycho Clown and Aerostar came out to speak. Monsther Clown came out and got into a shoving match with Aerostar.

Roldan said the show will not air live and the only way to see it is in live in person.

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