Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results 11/7/19: ODB Honored

Impact Wrestling results from Queens, N.Y. at Melrose Ballroom on 11/7/19 which will air on AXS TV in December:

Willie Mack pinned Bobby Wayward after the frog splash in an Xplosion match.

Josh Mathews interviewed ODB in the ring. Tonight tapings are a benefit show for ODB who lost her food truck in a fire. She said the insurance company can kiss her ass but the fans and wrestling community ended up being her insurance.

Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie came out and mocked ODB. She arrogantly said she was going to be generous and give a donation so ODB could afford a fire extinguisher. ODB beat her up then John E. Bravo pulled her out of the ring.

Brian Cage vs. Eddie Edwards went to an apparent no contest when Michael Elgin interfered. It then turned into a 3-Way Match with Elgin getting the win with the pin on Edwards after the Elgin Bomb.

Fallah Bahh pinned Raj Singh after a splash. Bahh was attacked by The Desi Hit Squad after but TJP made the save.

Petey Williams beat Johnny Swinger.

RVD and Katie Forbes came to the ring acting like sleazy heels. RVD once again said that wrestlers today steal all of his moves and try to be like him. Tommy Dreamer came out and said RVD should face Rhino next week to settle things like they all did in the old days. RVD said Dreamer lives in the past and went to leave the ring. Rhino attacked RVD as he was leaving then security pulled them apart.

ODB pinned Taya Valkyrie in a non-title Knockouts match when Jordynne Grace went after John E. Bravo for interfering and the situation distracted Valkyrie.

Moose pinned Ace Romero after a pounce or spear.

Ace Austin and Reno Scum beat The Rascalz.

TJP beat Daga by submission in what I’m told was a good match. The Desi Hit Squad attacked them both afterwards.

RVD vs. Rhino is under Old School Rules (I guess ECW Rules but they can’t use the name because WWE owns it). Tommy Dreamer is the special referee. RVD is accompanied by Katie Forbes.

RVD pinned Rhino after a frog splash. Rhino looked like he was going to win after a gore through a table set up but Forbes pulled Dreamer out of the ring to stop the count. RVD kicked Dreamer after he raised his hand as the winner.

Jordynne Grace pinned Tenille Dashwood. Taya Valkyrie attacked Grace after but Dashwood made the save.

Tessa Blanchard beat Mad Man Fulton by DQ when OVE ran in as she was about to hit The Magnum. Ken Shamrock made the save to lead into the main event.

Impact World Champion Sami Callihan beat Ken Shamrock by submission with an ankle lock. The referee was bumped during the match and Fulton ran in to give Shamrock a DDT. The story was Shamrock was unconscious and didn’t actually give up.

Fulton continued to attack Shamrock after until Callihan ordered him to stop.

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