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Pro-Wrestling:EVE To Air SHE-1 Free On YouTube 11/9/19

8 Nov 2019

Pro Wrestling: EVE made a huge announcement today. They will be airing their SHE-1 tournament doubleheader shows on 11/9/19 live and FREE here on their YouTube page from London, U.K. at The Resistance Gallery:

11/9/19 at 3:30pm U.K. time/10:30am EST

A Block Matches

Mercedes Martinez vs. Kasey 

Aleah James vs. Angel Hayze 

B Block Matches 

Millie McKenzie vs. Nicole Savoy 

Gisele Shaw vs. Laura DiMatteo

C Block Matches

Jazz vs. Jetta 

EVE Champion Rhia O’Reilly vs. Mei Suruga 

8pm show U.K. time/3pm EST-

A Block Matches

Mercedes Martinez vs. Aleah James

Kasey vs. Angel Hayze 

B Block Matches 

Nicole Savoy vs. Laura DiMatteo (a potential classic on paper)

Millie McKenzie vs. Gisele Shaw (another dream match)

C Block Matches

EVE Champion Rhia O’Reilly vs. Jazz 

Jetta vs. Mei Suruga

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