Pro Wrestling: EVE SHE-1 Results (Show 1) 11/9/19

Pro Wrestling:EVE results of the SHE-1 Tournament from The Resistance Gallery in London, U.K. on 11/9/19 and live on YouTube:

There are 20 minute time limits for each match.

Gisele Shaw vs. Laura DiMatteo in a B Block Match

DiMatteo gets the win by grounded submission for 2 points.

EVE Champion Rhia O’Reilly vs. Mei Suruga in a C Block Match

This is Suruga’s EVE debut.

O’Reilly gets the pin after The Rhiadjustment for 2 points.

O’Reilly bullied Suruga and Lulu Pencil, who seconded Suruga, after the match and tossed them out of the ring.

The crowd firmly behind Suruga. Suruga got O’Reilly in a wristlock and kept running around the ring and bouncing off the ropes before arm dragging her.

Millie McKenzie vs. Nicole Savoy in a B Block Match

Ring announcer Emily Read said this is Savoy’s EVE debut. Savoy is now the former SHIMMER Champion losing the title last weekend in an elimination match where Kimber Lee came out the winner. This will be a battle of suplexes I’m sure.

McKenzie gets the pin after a spear for 2 points.

McKenzie tried to go for a waist lock for a suplex early on but Savoy blocked it and mauled her with all kinds of forearms and stomps before delivering the first suplex of the match.

McKenzie recovered and clipped the knee and gave a running forearm shot then locked in an octopus stretch submission. Savoy was able to power out and crash McKenzie to the match.

Savoy locked in submission attempts of her own.

Now it’s what everyone was waiting for- a series of German Suplex exchanges between the two.

Saito Suplex followed by a Full Nelson Suplex by Savoy but she can’t get the the three.

They exchanged a series of quick roll ups for near falls.

Intermission (or as they say in Europe an “interval”). A match from EVE on Demand was shown of Nina Samuels vs. Laura DiMatteo.

Aleah James vs. Angel Hayze in an A Block Match

This is the EVE debut for James who just made her pro wrestling debut back in May. She has a classic baby face smile and look.

Hayze got the fold up pin when James tried to sunset flip her in the corner.

Petty good fast paced, back and forth action from a couple of youngsters. Good stuff and lots of pressure with the show being broadcast live around the world.

Jazz vs. Jetta in a C Block Match

Good comedy at Jetta’s entrance. They showed a Tweet on the big screen of her Twitter account saying she was going to punch Jazz in the tit in this match. She got on the mic and said it was fake news because she was born in the 1980s and doesn’t even have a Twitter account. She is a comedy master and really reminds me of a young Tracy Ullman. Ironically she was born in 1987, the same year that The Tracy Ullman Show debuted on Fox which was a brand new American network at the time.

Jazz is in tremendous shape and looks great at 47. This is her EVE debut.

Jazz gets the STF submission win for 2 points.

Jetta acted scared at first and tried to avoid contact with Jazz’s breasts. As the match progressed she gained confidence and tried to go head to head.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Kasey in a A Block Match

Martinez got the win with the Dragon Choke Sleeper for 2 points.

Hard hitting contest with Kasey looking at her chest a few times to see if she was bleeding from Martinez’s chops. At one point Martinez gave her rapid fire shots in the corner then stopped and poked her in the eyes.

The next show is at 3pm EST live and free back on YouTube.

For those who asked, yes I did get the Stardom and Sendai Girls results. Things have been so overwhelming to where I literally have no time to post them just yet.

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