Pro-Wrestling:EVE Results SHE-1 (Show 2) 11/9/19

Pro-Wrestling:EVE results of the second SHE-1 Tournament show on 11/9/19 in London, U.K. at The Resistance Gallery and free and live on YouTube:

Some unfortunate news between the two shows. EVE co-owner Dann Read announced that Aleah James is no longer medically cleared to compete for the rest of the weekend and she needs rest. He said they were working to find a replacement.

James lost to Angel Hayze in the A Block on the first show today. You can see those results here:

Rhia O’Reilly cut a promo on social media during the rest period between shows:

Ring announcer Emily Read came out to give the usual list of announcements including a dark British sense of humor in case there’s an actual fire in the venue.

Millie McKenzie vs. Gisele Shaw in a B Block Match

Shaw got the win with a reverse figure eight for 2 points.

Shaw destroyed McKenzie’s knee most of the match. McKenzie showed heart and tried to fight back at times on just one leg.

Jetta vs. Mei Suruga in a C Block Match

Jetta came out wearing a Charlie Morgan t-shirt.

Suruga rolled over Jetta for the pin for 2 points.

Fast paced match with some comedy mixed in. Suruga kept doing moves to make Jetta dizzy and Jetta pinned the referee as Suruga counted the three.

Suruga briefly got Jetta in a bow and arrow but Jetta was able to flip over in a pin attempt which Suruga slid and bridged out of.

Kasey vs. Angel Hayze in an A Block Match

Kasey got the pin after a spine buster for 2 points.

I should note that the commentary team is Leah Owens and Sierra Loxton. Leah is actually the twin sister of Kasey.

Intermission but they’re showing Command Bolshoi and Kay Lee Ray vs. Emi Sakura and Leon.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Mercedez Blaze (replacing Aleah James) in an A Block Match

Martinez got the pin with the Fisherman for 2 more points.

Solid match considering Blaze was as last minute replacement as it gets.

Nicole Savoy vs. Laura DiMatteo in a B Block Match

DiMatteo pinned Savoy after a tombstone for 2 points.

Hard hitting back and forth match.

They had a performance artist before the last match named Electra doing an incredible dance and balancing act in the ring.

EVE Champion Rhia O’Reilly vs. Jazz in a C Block Match

O’Reilly pinned Jazz after The Readjustment on a folded up on a chair in the ring.

EVE co-owner Dann Read came in the ring and thanked Jazz for working with them. He said they didn’t think she would want to work with them but they decided to give it a shot and ask her. He said she couldn’t have been lovelier to work with. He said she gave a lot of women wrestlers now hope because she was an ass kicker among the divas. He said she worked in ECW and FMW too. He said Jazz deserves one more run in either WWE or AEW before the day comes and she retires.

The roster came out to thank her.

Jazz got on the mic and said she wasn’t expecting all this. She thanked the fans. She said she did break in during the era of “tits and ass” wrestling but her T&A stood for talent and ability.

Two more shows tomorrow but they will not be carried on YouTube. They will eventually be posted on EVE On Demand

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