WOW Episode 2:09 Results 11/9/19

WOW on AXS TV results from Los Angeles, California at The Belasco Theatre on 11/9/19 (taped May 2019):

A video opened the show recapping the feud between Tessa Blanchard and Jungle Grrrl. Blanchard will finally defend against Grrrl in the main event tonight.

The Beast came to the ring. She wanted Lana Star and The Lioness to come to the ring after they cost her the title shot by interfering in the match against Jungle Grrrl. Star and Lioness were shown watching on the monitor and looking concerned.

After the break, Star and Lioness came to ringside. Star acted tough and told The Beast to never follow her out to her car again. She said she’s hurt and David McLane banned her from wrestling, but The Lioness can face her instead. She ordered Lioness to hit the ring.

The Beast vs. The Lioness

The Beast got the win in a quick squash after tossing Lioness around by the hair, a kick to the gut and a power bomb for the pin.

A video recapped the creepy situation with Siren The Voodoo Doll and Holidead apparently trying to possess Princess Aussie.

Serpentine (aka Thunder Rosa accompanied by Sophia Lopez) vs. Princess Aussie

Serpentine got the pin after the Serpentine Driver when Lopez tripped up Aussie from the outside.

After the match, Siren and Holidead came into the ring once again to surround Aussie. Aussie was afraid of them, and they seemed to want to intimidate her, but they did not harm her.

There was a refreshing moment early on as Aussie had trouble getting Serpentine over from out of the corner with a sunset flip. McLane actually politely pointed it out instead of covering it up like 99% of pro wrestling announcers do and they end up insulting the fans intelligence.

Lopez repeatedly interfered and pulled the hair of Aussie while Serpentine distracted the referee.

There was a cool spot as Aussie did a nice reverse crossbody block off the ropes and it looked like Serpentine drop kicked her but with knees right in the gut.

They took the time to do a nice video bio on ring announcer Shaul Guerrero. She ran down her family history. She said she’s been around pro wrestling her whole life. She said she didn’t realize she could do it until after her dad died. She said she’s still connected to him through wrestling. She said wrestling is her family and she found her place in wrestling as a ring announcer.

They showed clips of the last several weeks of the WOW Tag Team Titles Tournament for the vacant titles.

Havok and Hazard (aka Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh) vs. Chantilly Chella and Sassy Massy (aka RayLyn and Alicia Edwards)

Havok pinned Massy after the wheelbarrow cutter double team.

Havok caught Massy and Chella, as the each tried to give her a crossbody block, and gave them a fall away slam at the same time.

Guerrero interviewed Havok and Hazard in the ring. She said next week in the main event it will be vs. Siren and Holidead vs. Fire and Adrenaline in a Triple Threat elimination match for the vacant titles.

A video narrated by McLane aired really putting over the WOW Title. He said it’s the richest prize in women wrestling and he named all of the title holders in company history: Terri Gold (2x), Danger, Lana Star, Jungle Grrrl, Santana Garrett, and Tessa Blanchard (current Champion). There was one last hype to make the main event come off as an epic deal.

Main Event – Jungle Grrrl vs. WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard

Blanchard got the pin after The Magnum in a clean and clear victory.

Grrrl went right after Blanchard at the bell. They spilled out of the ring and brawled around ringside.

Grrl hit the Jungle Driver but did not go for the pin. She went up to the top rope to try to hit the splash but Blanchard rolled out of the ring. Grrrl came down to the floor with a flying axe handle attempt but Blanchard caught her with a kick of the way down.

Blanchard nailed Grrrl with the Diamond DDT but Grrrl kicked out.

The show ended with Blanchard holding the title high while Grrrl looked on stunned and disappointed.

Editorial Commentary:

In many ways WOW and the rebooted NWA are the real alternatives to WWE which has become an outdated product. Impact Wrestling continues to flounder creatively on AXS and AEW looks like it’s booked by a guy who gets his ideas based on what teenagers on Twitter and Reddit think is cool.

There is a lot of speculation on WOW’s future with AXS TV after Ed Nordholm lied to the press and public.

When Anthem Sports and Entertainment bought the network Nordholm said nothing would change short term in the programming lineup. Right after he said it, the AXS TV Fights crew was told they were being let go and LFA MMA was canceled. This week, Nordholm announced that they are bringing in Combate Americas as the new MMA content.

Forces within Impact Wrestling and an Illinois pro wrestling promoter (who is a sycophant of Impact) are trying to convince people at AXS to cancel WOW in favor of a new women’s wrestling show that would feature the Knockouts and women from the Illinois group’s roster if they get their way.

Anthem and Nordholm don’t seem to know or care that Scott D’Amore is doing a bunch of cronyism hiring on their dime with backstage producers and midcard talent.

Impact still looks like a bush league indie group. It’s hard to claim the Knockouts are the “#1 Women’s Division in pro wrestling” when their production values look like a cable access TV show compared to WOW’s slick and high energy offering. WOW leaves you wanting more after an hour while Impact drags at a dull two hours with a few matches surrounded by poorly scripted backstage segments in dim lighting.

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