EVOLVE 140 Results: Allysin Kay vs. Shotzi Blackheart

EVOLVE 140 results from Brooklyn, New York at St. Finbar Catholic Church Gym on 11/10/19 and on Club WWN:

They did a mini taped pre-show. Trevin Adams interviewed new EVOLVE Champion Josh Briggs (he won the title last night). Briggs said he wanted to defend the title against anyone tonight and he doesn’t care who it is.

Colby Corino and Sean Maluta vs. Michael Verna and KeKoa

Maluta pinned Verna after a code breaker and frog splash.

This was a surprisingly competitive opener. Lenny Leonard and Trevin Adams said Verna and KeKoa were seminar students. Verna gave Corino and Maluta a KeKoa assisted powerbomb at the same time. KeKoa hit a flying elbow drop on Maluta.

Dan Berry is the ring announcer and he botched names a couple of times.

Eddie Edwards cut a promo and put over The Unwanted. He treated Corino like a little kid. The house mic was indie level bad so you can’t hear intros or promos very well. He made a sarcastic remark about Steve Corino. Corino got insulted and stormed out of the ring.

Alex Gracia vs. Reina Gonzalez

Gonzalez pinned Gracia in a long squash after a short clothesline. She gave her another one after the match.

She then cut a promo feeling insulted that she didn’t get competition. She that’s what she come to EVOLVE for. Of course she name dropped NXT because EVOLVE is basically NXT 2.0 and a WWE territory. Neither company will admit it, but it’s not very subtle with all the sucking up EVOLVE does.

Brandon Taggart vs. Babatunde

Babatunde pinned Taggart after a side slam and big splash off the top rope. Taggart got in some offense including a top rope splash of his own.

They plugged the 12/6 show in Livonia, Michigan with WALTER vs. Timothy Thatcher.

Curt Stallion vs. Austin Theory

The announcers said this is Theory’s last EVOLVE before going to NXT. Theory pointed at Adam Cole who was there signing autographs. Fans chanted “Where’s your title?” after losing to Josh Briggs last night.

Theory got the pin with a grab of the tights as Anthony Greene came to ringside to distract Stallion in a WWE finish.

Good match until the finish. Lots of high impact stuff. Theory does a Rolling Thunder Drop Kick and Rolling Thunder Blockbuster. Stallion gave a frog splash and German Suplex.

After the match, Harlem Bravado jumped Stallion from behind and stomped him. Greene came in to help. Brandi Lauren handed them a chair and Greene gave Stallion a tornado DDT off the ropes on it.

Theory then arrogantly sat in the chair as Greene, Bravado, and Lauren gave him a farewell party. Greene got on the mic and put HHH and NXT over. It’s like EVOLVE is a statue built in HHH’s honor.

The Skulk music hit and Theory left in fear. He and AR Fox had a stare down of respect.

Matt Sydal came out and cut a complaining heel promo but you couldn’t hear it with the bad mic.

Matt Sydal, Anthony Greene, and Harlem Bravado vs. Liam Gray, Adrian Alanis, and Leon Ruff

Greene pinned Gray after an unprettier off the ropes. Another WWE style finish as Greene ordered Lauren to hand him a chair right in front of the referee. The referee stopped him from using it but of course turned his back to get it out of the ring. As he had his back turned Greene gave Gray a low kick to set up the finish.

Action all of the place. Ruff had another great showing and did a arched dive with hang time out of the ring onto everyone else on the floor.

Sydal gave Alanis a cheap kick to the head as he was checking on Gray after the match.


Vipress (with Mr. Ruda) vs. Avery Taylor

The announcers praised Shotzi Blackheart. They said she has gained the EVOLVE women a lot of attention and it’s a pipeline to WWE and NXT. They said she jumped from EVOLVE to NXT very quickly.

Brandi Lauren attacked Taylor as she was getting in the ring and injured her up against the guardrail.

Anthony Gutierrez then ran out and said he wanted any member of The Unwanted. No women’s match took place and Vipress just walked to the back.

Anthony Gutierrez vs. Donovan

Gutierrez got the win quickly with an armbar submission. He was immediately attacked after by Eddie Kingston and Sean Maluta.

Eddie Kingston vs. Arturo Ruas

This is typical EVOLVE. Someone gets attacked after a match and then someone else’s music hits to set up the next match. It was Ruas’ music this time.

Ruas got the win by DQ after several minutes of action when Natalia Markova came out and handed Kingston a wrench and he hit Ruas in the face with it.

SHINE Champion Allysin Kay vs. SHINE Nova Champion Shotzi Blackheart

They announced this as a non-title match. Lenny Leonard said this was Champion vs. Champion. I was under the impression after SHINE yesterday that both belts were on line but it’s not the case.

Reina Gonzalez bumped Trevin Adams out of the color spot and did very well on commentary.

Blackheart got the pin after a sunset bomb out of the corner and the flying senton. Good match at a quick pace with hard hitting stuff.

Leonard made a big deal that Blackheart pinned the SHINE Champion yet no titles were on the line. He then said Gonzalez would have a shot at Blackheart on the Midwest shows (Dec. 9 in Livonia, Michigan and Dec. 10 in Chicago). Blackheart, in her promo at SHINE, said tonight was her last EVOLVE show and the PR ad said this was her farewell.

AR Fox (with Ayla) vs. Joe Gacy

Gacy got the pin after a discus lariat.

Anthony Henry vs. JD Drake vs. EVOLVE Champion Josh Briggs

Briggs pinned Henry after a power bomb as Henry was coming off the top rope.

Good match. Drake gave Briggs a moonsault then Henry immediately came off the top rope with a diving double stomp on Henry’s back to break up the pin. Several seconds later Henry gave Briggs a diving double stomp but Drake broke up that pin attempt with a cannonball.

Henry gave Briggs a double stomp on the apron then Drake did a suicide drive through the ropes over Briggs and at Henry on the floor.

Briggs gave Drake a big boot as Drake tried to come back in the ring then dove over one of the ring posts at him on the outside several seconds later.

After the match, Drake snapped at beat up Henry. Briggs came back to the ring to get him to stop. Drake punched Briggs and knocked him down out of frustration.

Drake looked like he couldn’t believe what he did and walked to the back.

Briggs got on the mic and calmly said he didn’t know what was going on with Drake but he just made the biggest mistake of his life. He said this was his first title defense with many more to come. He thanked the fans for coming out.

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