Notice To Pro Wrestling Information Pollution Sites

Just a reminder to the pro wrestling “information pollution” sites like Wrestle Zone, Wrestling Inc., Fightful, Squared Circle Sirens, and the seemingly thousands of others out there: only PW Insider and Wrestling Observer have my permission to use this site’s content.

Stop ripping W.W.D. and other sites off with the “cut and paste” and unconvincing re-wording of content.

For the couple of you who actually do give this site credit, it still doesn’t mean that you have my permission either. ONLY the Wrestling Observer and PW Insider have my permission!

I’m going to start doing a journal in this section when I can to show the “Shell Game of Information Pollution”.


PW Insider picked up my full EVOLVE results at 8am today

Fightful sees them and waters them down to basic results as usual at 9:30am

411 Wrestling/411 Mania picks up Fightful results shortly after


My results on AAA posted after 7am

411 Mania/411 Wrestling picks them up at after 5pm and gives PW Insider the credit instead of W.W.D. because they have heat with me. Ironically, the “reporter” (aka cut and paster) is Jermey Lambert who also works for Fightful. He just watered down the results as usual and left details out


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