Pro-Wrestling:EVE SHE-1 Results (Show 3) 11/10/19

Pro-Wrestling: EVE results of their third show in the SHE-1 Tournament from London, U.K. at The Resistance Gallery 11/10/19:

More unfortunate injuries as EVE co-owner Dann Read announced this morning that Nicole Savoy is out for today and Angel Hayze is out for this third show and listed as questionable for the fourth and final show.

EVE Champion Rhia O’Reilly announced on social media that if she wins the tournament she wants a shot at the EVE International Title held by Jamie Hayter.

Jazz beat Mei Suruga in a C Block Match for 2 points.

Kasey beat Mercedez Blaze in an A Block Match for 2 points.

Jetta upset Rhia O’Reilly in a C Block Match for 2 points. O’Rielly still has enough wins from yesterday to win the C Block however.

Amazon (aka Ayesha Raymond) is the substitute for Angel Hayze. Amazon is the Britsh powerhouse who had been working a lot for SEAdLINNNG in Japan and now on the European pro wrestling scene.

Mercedes Martinez beat Amazon in an A Block Match for 2 points and is A Block Winner.

Rebel Kinney is the substitute for Nicole Savoy in the B Block.

Gisele Shaw beat Rebel Kinney in a B Block Match for 2 points.

Millie McKenzie pinned Laura DiMatteo after the spear in a B Block Match for 2 points. There will now be a 3-Way Match on show four to decide the B Block winner as McKenzie, DiMatteo, and Shaw are all tied in the standings.

This show and show four in a few hours will be posted on EVE On Demand in the next few days.

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