Battle Club Pro Results 9/28/19

Battle Club Pro Results from Brooklyn, New York:

It was an all inter gender outdoor show on Ellery Street called “Anything You Can Do!”

This is a definite case of better late than never. I just discovered that someone sent me the results on 9/30 but they were in my spam folder this whole time.

Violette won a 4-Way Match over Masha Slamovich, Bushwick Beast, and Hank Flanders by submitting Flanders.

Matt MacIntosh beat Shotzi Blackheart with the Apple Slicer. This was the match where Blackheart went viral by driving a toy tank to the ring.

Big Swole and Hyan beat Rob Killjoy and CPA (with Coach Mikey) when Hyan pinned CPA after the Beauty Sleep.

MV Young pinned Allie Kat after a shotgun dropkick.

Tasha Steelz, Christian Casanova, Royce Bishop, and Trigga Da OG beat Icons Champion Harlow O’Hara, Nick Iggy, Kerry Awful, and Tripp Cassidy in a Lucha Rules Match for the Icons Title. Steelz pinned Cassidy after a Cutter to win the title. After the match, O’Hara gave Cassidy the last rites for costing her the title and challenged him to a match on the next show.

Diamanté pinned KC Navarro after a Code Red. This was a sister vs. brother match. Both are great athletes.

Jordynne Grace pinned Darius Carter with the Grace Driver after interference from Matt MacIntosh. Grace was the first to pin Carter. This was MacIntosh’s receipt to Carter as Carter cost him his first pinfall loss in Battle Club Pro against Jimmy Havoc on 7/21/18.

BCP Franchise Champion Anthony Bowens pinned Tessa Blanchard after The Grand Slam. They hugged after the match. Both of them actually trained together to become pro wrestlers.

Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo beat LAX (Santana and Ortiz) after the Floppy Fish to pin Ortiz. After the match, LAX gave a farewell promo as they were headed off to AEW.

Title Match Network is very generous as they just uploaded the entire show for FREE on YouTube and can watch it here:

Very special thanks to Battle Club Pro owner Joakim Morales for the results.

Title Match Network gives a two week free trial for new subscribers so you’ll be able to catch Ladies Night Out 8 on 11/16/19 live:

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