Impact Wrestling “OverDrive” Results 11/10/19

Impact Wrestling results of their “OverDrive” event with Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling on Twitch from Scranton, Pennsylvania at Steamtown Mall on 11/10/19:

Yes, they’re in a shopping mall and it looks like there’s about 90 fans watching in seats with several empty seats showing.

Christian Marie, Ricky Martinez, Johnny Moran, and Isaak Ruhl vs. Adena Steele, Garrett Holiday, Antonio Rivera, and Firework Foxx Vinyer

Vinyer pinned Martinez.

The Punk Rock All Stars (with Delilah) vs. South Philly’s Finest vs. PPW Tag Team Champions The Mane Event

The Mane Event get the pin on Punk Rock All Stars.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The North vs. Samuel Adams and Syler Andrews

Josh Mathews and Scott D’Amore are the announcer team.

The North get the pin after a double team finisher.

They showed an ad for Impact Wrestling on AXS TV with Taya Valkyrie. She was all smiles and friendly even though she’s supposed to be the heel champion.

Black Jeez vs. Evander James vs. Facade (with Dani Mo) vs. Desean Pratt vs. PPW Champion Clutch Adams

Mathews and D’Amore made another Jason Priestley reference. There’s a big Impact fan who always hangs out in Twitch chat with the same name as the BH 90210 actor. Mathews said the actor is a big fan of pro wrestling and Impact. D’Amore said Priestley is also a big fan of the Barenaked Ladies.

Adams rolled up Facade for the pin after spraying a can of spray paint in his face. He first tried to Facade with the title belt but the referee stopped him and turned his back to get the belt out of the ring.

Mo interfered at the end of the match and hit Pratt with a Scranton Destroyer then Facade connected with a coast to coast. Adams broke up the pin with a flying elbow drop.

I’ve seen Facade and Mo many times and they look like they could fit in full time with Impact in the X-Division and Knockouts Division.

Mathews called for a video ad to promote Motown Showdown on Twitch (which will take place live from Belleville, Michigan on 12/8) but instead another ad for Impact on AXS aired.

Willie Mack vs. Shera

Mack got the pin after a 6-Stars Frog Splash. Shera looked like a big stiff in this.

Havok and Allie Recks vs. Jordynne Grace and Tenille Dashwood

Recks has appeared in SHINE at times.

Grace pinned Recks after the Grace Driver. She gave Dashwood a fist bump of respect after and they walked out together.

Grace gave Recks a senton off the ropes during the match and somehow managed to drop kick Havok at the same.

X-Division Champion Ace Austin vs. Fallah Bahh

Austin got the pin after the loaded back fist.

Austin gave Bahh a paper cut between the toes with a playing card early on. Bahh limped around and Ace stomped on the barefoot throughout the match. Bahh hit a couple of splashes but Austin kicked out.

Madison Rayne vs. Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo)

Rayne cut an arrogant promo as if this dud of a show needed to go on longer. She mocked the city and said a “second rate TV show” put them on the map (referring to “The Office”, and not Impact Wrestling itself, which doesn’t release even ratings data or buy rates because they’re so low).

Valkyrie and Bravo came out and they also decided to cut promos. Valkyrie said she wasn’t having a title match and rules needed to be followed. Bravo ended up agreeing on Valkyrie’s behalf to make it a title match.

This was all bush league indie level promo stuff.

Valkyrie got the pin after Road To Valhalla.

Rayne looked like she was about to win but Bravo threw the stuffed animal dog in the ring that he and Valkyrie now always carry to break up the pin.

D’Amore said Mathews and everyone else has to accept that the stuffed animal is real in 2019 if Valkyrie and Bravo identify it that way or else there will be HR complaints. (Someone actually yelled out at another indie show over the weekend “No speciesism!” which is apparently bigotry to animals.)

Jake Crist vs. Rich Swann

Swann got the pin with a snap roll up after several minutes of action. Good match with high flying and hard hitting stuff.

Moose vs. Michael Elgin vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Cage in a 4-Way Match

Edwards pinned Moose after the Boston Knee Party right after Elgin gave Moose a buckle bomb and then Moose hit Elgin with a spear.

Good match. Lots of explosive stuff when Elgin and Cage went at each other and they exchanged suplexes. Cage gave Moose and Edwards a power bomb at the same time. Moose gave Edwards a nice standing drop kick which knocked Edwards off the ropes.

Impact Wrestling World Champion Sami Callihan vs. Rhino in a Street Fight

They’re calling it “Detroit vs. Dayton”.

Callihan got the pin after hitting Rhino with the title. Jake Crist and Mad Man Fulton interfered at the end but Rhino was able to dump them out of the ring. A chair and stapler were used as weapons in the match. It was the same hardcore match with Callihan everyone has seen countless times on these live specials.

Fulton and Crist attacked Rhino after the match and Callihan was going to hit him with a chair. Tessa Blanchard, Brian Cage, and Rich Swann made the save.

Blanchard gave Callihan a cutter then Rhino gored Callihan. Rhino had title the belt and he gave it to Blanchard to pose with as a taunt to Callihan.

Rhino danced to Swann’s music after but then Callihan actually came back in the ring and told everyone to spread out because he wanted to dance too. He did pretty good until Blanchard kicked him in the crotch and gave him a stunner. Cage and Swann gave him stunners as well and Rhino ended the night by giving him another gore.

There were a couple of good matches but overall this was bush league stuff. Callihan comes off like a comedy hardcore heel who is their champion.

Blanchard was wearing a nice looking “Hard To Kill” t-shirt which is the name of the ppv on 1/12/20 with her vs. Callihan for the title.

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