Lucha Libre AAA results from Torreón, Mexico at Estadio Revolucion in 11/9/19 and on Twitch:

Mr. Iguana and Komander vs. Mini Psycho Clowns and La Parkita Negra

Iguana pinned Mini Psycho Clown.

Konnan came to the ring with Killer Kross, Blue Demon, Jr., and Villano III Jr. He said dark times are coming and he’s unleashing Kross. Kross said he’s been there three years and he’s undefeated. He said three things have evaded him: Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, and the Mega Title. He said time is running out.

Konnan and Kross left the ring and Demon cut a promo. That brought out Dr. Wagner Jr. and his son Galeno del Mal.

Wagner and Demon argued. Villano then got on the mic and insulted Wagner. They got into a brawl. Of course the rudos end up getting the advantage and they unmasked del Mal.

Laredo Boy, Bengala, and Big Mami vs. Ultimo Maldito, Keyra Lady Maravilla

Before the match, Mami cut a promo and once again said she wanted a hair vs. hair match with Maravilla. Maravilla said she told her before that Mami and the fans weren’t worth her time to do that kind of a match.

Mami pinned Maravilla ramming her head first into a chair that was sandwiched in the corner between the ropes.

After the match, Mami demanded the hair vs. hair match. Maravilla said Mami cheated and used a weapon to win tonight. She said if Mami can beat her fairly in another match she will agree to the stipulation.

Dinastia, Lady Shani, and Nino Hamburguesa vs. Arez, La Hiedra, and Villano III, Jr.

Hamburguesa pinned Arez and Villano at the same time after the top rope splash.

Carta Brava Jr., Tito Santana, and Mocho Cota, Jr. vs. Flamita, Hijo Del Vikingo, and Octagon, Jr.

Cota pinned Octagon after the frog splash.

Aerostar, Murder Clown, and Nicho el Millionario vs. Killer Kross, Taurus, and Monsther Clown

Monsther pinned Aerostar after an inverted slam. Kross destroyed the tecnicos after the match.

Psycho Clown, Dr. Wagner, Jr. and Pagano vs. Blue Demon, Jr., Rey Escorpion, and Chessman

Wagner pinned Demon after a low blow when referee Tirantes was distracted.

During the match, Pagano and Chessman brawled either to the back of the venue or outside as it was hard to see with the lighting. He climbed up a ladder and gave Chessman a leg drop through a table.

After the match, Killer Kross ran in and beat up the tecnicos.

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