Future Stars Of Wrestling Results 11/15/19

FSW “Against All Odds” from Los Vegas, Nevada, USA 🇺🇸 at Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall on 11/15/19 and live on Twitch:https://www.twitch.tv/videos/508938600

Lazarus, Ricky Adams, and Danny Rose vs. Mondo Rok, Hyper Streak, and Robby Lit

Lit got the pin on Rose after a double team finisher.

Rumble Match with the winner getting a title shot at Chris Bey in the main event

Shogun Jones won by eliminating Graves.

Royce Issacs and Che Cabrera vs. Tito Escondido and Jorel Nelson

Escondido and Cabrera pinned Issacs.

Nevada State Champion Hammerstone vs. Douglas James

James won by Disqualification. He got Hammerstone in a triangle choke but Hammerstone turned it into a ground and pound situation. The referee tried to stop it and Hammerstone shoved him.

Kyle Hawk vs. Greg Romero in a First Blood Match

Romero won. Hawk’s head got stuck in a trash can set up in the corner and then Romero used a chair and Hawk’s own tomahawk to hit into the can which made him bleed.

They used a shopping cart full of weapons including a stop sign, canoe paddle, the trash can, a belt, and the shopping cart itself as a battering ram.

FSW Women’s Champion Lacey Ryan vs. Mazzerati (with Nick Bugatti)

Ryan got the pin after a twisted blockbuster off the ropes. Bugatti interfered during the match by pushing Ryan off the ropes when the referee was distracted. Ryan was able to super kick him out of the ring.

FSW No Limits Champion Damian Drake vs. Remy Marcel (with Sal E.) vs. Ice Williams in a Ladder Match

Marcel won the title in a wild finish. He threw Drake off the top of the ladder and into a table below. A few minutes earlier Drake tried to do a high spot off the ropes but he fell as the second rope broke.

They did several dangerous spots with the ladder and doors.

Drake was taken out of the ring by stretcher after the match.

FSW Heavyweight Champion Chris Bey vs. Shogun Jones

They are doing this main event without the second rope.

Bey came out first and cut a confident promo. He said he’s been Champion for 337 days. He said he likes Jones but he will be still champ tomorrow at 338 days. He said he’s not the future because he is the now.

Graves and Hammerstone attacked Jones on his way out to the ring. Bey challenged Graves to a match as a replacement.

FSW Heavyweight Champion Chris Bey vs. Graves (co-FSW Tag Team Champion with Hammerstone)

Graves won the title with a choke submission. Hammerstone ran down and tossed in one of the Tag Team Titles to use as a weapon. Shogun Jones ran down to fight with Hammerstone and it distracted the referee. Graves gave Bey a belt shot to the back but Bey kicked out. Graves then locked in the hold as the finish.

This was a wild match and it actually came off better without a second rope on the ring. Bey did his highspots off the top and bottom rope.

Graves swung Bey into the guardrail then immediately power bombed him on the ring steps and hit a clothesline early on.

Bey did a dive to the outside but Graves caught him and gave him a tombstone on the floor.

Bey hit a frog splash but Graves powered out at a one count and scooped him up for a powerslam.

Bey flew off the top rope with a diving double stomp.

The next show is 11/29/19 back on Twitch.

There is a lot of good talent in this group. Bey, Graves, Mazzerati, Sandra Moone (out with a broken collarbone) just to name a few that other groups should consider taking a looking at.

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