WOW Results (Ep. 2:10) on 11/16/19

WOW on AXS TV results from Los Angeles, California at The Belasco Theatre on 11/16/19 (taped May 2019):

“The Governor’s Daughter” Abilene Maverick (aka Barbi Hayden) and The Disciplinarian (aka Ivory Robyn managed by Samantha Smart) vs. “The Bully Busters” Stephy Slays and Keta Rush

Slays pinned Disciplinarian after a sunset flip out of the corner in a chaotic finish as Maverick was going after Rush and all four were in the ring at the same time.

Smart hit Rush with the giant ruler from the outside. Maverick and Disciplinarian then isolated and double teamed Rush in their corner while taunting Slays to try and make the save. They even did a double team move similar to Demolition in the 1980s WWF, but of course it’s 2019, so Rush kicked out.

Rush was finally able to take the heels down with a side headlock take over on Maverick and a head scissors on Disciplinarian at the same time so she could make the tag to Slays.

Both baby faces double teamed The Disciplinarian for a bit before Slays took control on her own.

After the match, they showed the heels in the locker room. Maverick said she was quitting their team and walked out. The Disciplinarian said Maverick needs discipline.

A video recap was shown of the feud between The Dixie Darlings and Jessie Jones and Amber O’Neal.

Jessie Jones (aka Jessie Belle Smothers) and Amber O’Neal vs. “The Dixie Darlings” Jolene and Jolynn

Jones and O’Neal were introduced by ring announcer Shaul Guerrero as the tag team name “Southern Pride”.

Jones submitted Jolynn to the arm bar.

Jones and O’Neal mauled Jolene most of the match working over her arm to try to soften her up for the arm bar submission of Jones. They choked her in the corner with their legs each stretched out. Jolene was noticeably bleeding from the nose and make have suffered a broken nose.

Jolene managed to give O’Neal a DDT and made the hot tag to Jolynn. O’Neal tagged in Jones.

Jolynn got in a few quick moves on Jones, but then Jones grabbed her by the arm and snapped it against the top rope to set up the submission. O’Neal yanked the battered up Jolene off of the ring.

Jones cut a promo after and warned anyone else not to mess with their gear like The Dixie Darlings did or else they will “get their gears checked”.

Backstage, Lana Star told The Lioness to listen to her and do things her way. Lioness agreed without hesitation. Star said people will learn not to underestimate them.

They showed footage of the male ring rats accidentally costing Khloe Hurtz matches. She said they were fired.

The Lioness (managed by Lana Star) vs. “The All Natural” Khloe Hurtz (aka Katie Forbes)

Star cut a promo before the match. She said we are about to see a new Lioness. Lioness came out and sang a song in the ring with a couple of backup dancers behind her.

Hurtz came out by herself after firing her male entourage.

The Lioness got the pin after Star broke a small mirror over Hurtz’s head while the referee was distracted.

Hurtz dominated most of the match as Star looked on concerned. The announcers said the male ring rats probably could have stopped Star if they were there. They said Hurtz doesn’t have a lot of friends aside from probably “one 5-Star gentleman” (referring to RVD).

Triple Threat 3-Way Tag Team Elimination Match Main Event :

“Monsters of Madness” Havok (aka Jessicka Havok) and Hazard (aka Nevaeh) vs. Holidead and Siren The Voodoo Doll vs. Adrenaline (Diamanté) and Fire (aka Kiera Hogan) in the WOW Tag Team Titles Tournament

This whole thing is honestly confusing. It’s a one fall elimination match that they’re calling it the semifinals. One team will be eliminated and the other two will move on to the finals. Anyone can tag anyone in the match.

You usually see matches like this where first team to win the fall is the winner, or the eliminations keep going until there is only one team left as the winner.

Legendary NWA referee Charles “Scrappy” McGowan is at ringside as the special outside the ring referee. His son referee Jeff McGowan is in the ring.

Havok pinned Holidead after an Air Raid Crash.

Holidead and Siren are eliminated and it will be Havok and Hazard vs. Fire and Adrenaline in the finals next week for the vacant WOW Tag Team Titles.

Fire and Adrenaline were dumped to the floor toward the end of the match by their opponents. Both looked on terrified as the show went off the air.

With the confusing rules, there was no point for Fire and Adrenaline to make the save for anyone else in the match even if they wanted to. They’re the baby faces, but it came off like Havok and Hazard did them a favor by eliminating Siren and Holidead while they were indirectly saved from getting eliminated by being thrown down to the floor.

David McLane built up next week’s finals as a team of speed vs. a team of power.

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