Lucha Libre AAA Results 11/17/19

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico 🇲🇽 at Gimnasio Municipal Josue Neri Santos on 11/17/19 and live on Twitch:

Demus, Keyra, and Lady Maravilla vs. Mascarita Dorada, Big Mami, and Nino Hamburguesa

Maravilla pinned Mami after a frog splash. The finish was set up by Keya and Demus giving Mami a double team super plex and putting a chair on top of her so the frog splash would do extra damage.

Mami was totally destroyed most of the match.

Hamburguesa and Mami accidentally sandwiched Dorada early on and he was out of the match for a while. Maravilla threw a chair right at Mami’s head then gave her a couple more shots with it. Mami was bleeding from the forehead. Later in the match, Mami gave Maravilla a chair shot and a running body block.

After the match, Mami once again challenged Maravilla to a hair vs. hair match. Maravilla finally accepted. They brawl real quick before getting separated.

Pagano came out for a promo. Chessman came out to confront him. They brawled and Pagano got the better of it. Averno then ran in and hit Pagano with a chair. Psycho Clown made the save briefly but then Rey Escorpion came in to help the rudos. Konnan got in the ring and gloated over Psycho and Pagano.

Arez, La Parka Negra, and Monsther Clown vs. Mamba, Murder Clown, and Pimpinela Escarlata

Monsther pinned Escarlata after a power bomb when Mamba turned on Escarlata with a DDT.

After the match, Mamba said the time with Escarlata is done. Mamba only used Escarlata to get fame and is now bigger star.

Escarlata said he has been wrestling for decades and paved the way for people like Mamba and Mamba is nothing but a copy.

Monsther Clown got on the mic and said he was going to take Aerostar’s mask on 12/1/19.

Mamba and Escarlata got into a brawl to end the segment.

Flamita vs. Brian Cage vs. Taurus vs. Latin American Champion Daga in a 4-Way Match

The title is on the line.

Daga pinned Cage after a low blow and using feet on the ropes. The referee was actually knocked down when Daga shoved Cage into him before the finish.

Ayako Hamada, Texano Jr., and Rey Escorpion vs. Hijo del Vikingo, Taya Valkyrie, and Nicho El Millionario (formerly known as Psicosis)

Texano pinned Nicho after power bombing him into a ladder set up in the corner of the ring.

They went old school with two referees in the ring at the same time for this match. The tecnico referee didn’t want to count the fall and rudo referee Tirantes got frustrated and did a fast count.

Hamada gave Valkyrie a hip toss on the ladder outside the ring during the match. Later, Escorpion threw the ladder at Valkyrie.

Vikingo did a dive to the outside but Escorpion caught him and immediately power bombed him into two chairs set up on the floor.

Psycho Clown, Pagano, and Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Blue Demon Jr. Averno, and Chessman

Pagano pinned Chessman after a power bomb off the ropes. It looked like they both slipped off as Chessman was trying to give him a super rana. This is Pagano’s hometown.

Right at the start, Demon and Wagner brawled into the crowd like usual and Wagner was almost instantly bloody. Everyone else brawled at ringside.

Later in the match, Demon and Wagner brawled to the back and the cameras showed them fighting in the hallway. They never returned the rest of the show.

Psycho did a flip dive off the ring post to Averno on the floor and his legs hit the guardrail. He was limping around after.

After the match, Rey Escorpion ran in and attacked Psycho and once again unmasked him.

The next show back on Twitch is 11/30/19.

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