NWA Powerrr Results 11/19/19

NWA Powerrr Episode 7 results from Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. 🇺🇸 at Georgia Public Broadcasting on 11/19/19 (taped late September/early October) on YouTube https://youtu.be/5T2NhLaZMt0

A couple of items before the show starts at 6:05pm…

The NWA announced today that they will be doing a new series called “The Circle Squared”. It sounds like their version of WWE’s Tough Enough. Indie wrestlers can submit a two paragraph bio, a match video link, a promo video link, and picture to this email address:talentrelations@nationalwrestlingalliance.com

Those selected will have a chance to do a promo and in-ring try out during the big NWA weekend next month from 12/14/19-12/16/19 in Atlanta, Georgia. The winner will receive an NWA contract and appear on an episode of Powerrr. https://youtu.be/I_RKnzXY47o

The 12/14/19 sold out ppv called “Into The Fire” is available to pre-order on FITE for the 1980’s ppv price of just $20. That is valid until 12/7/19 and then the price increases to $25. The start time is the traditional 6:05pm EST. https://www.fite.tv/watch/nwa-into-the-fire/2p4wz/

As a reminder, the TV tapings on 12/15 and 12/16 at Georgia Public Broadcasting are both sold out too.

Jim Cornette and Joe Galli welcome us and talk about some of what’s coming up on the show.

David Marquez interviews NWA World Champion Nick Aldis. He asks him about Kamille. Aldis says if Kamille isn’t by his side it’s because it’s her decision and it has nothing to do with him.

He said he’s now going to get everything back on track because The NWA is where they wrestle. He said while the top contenders situation gets straightened out, he’s decided to compete tonight against Trevor Murdoch, but the title won’t be on the line. He said it will be an exhibition match because Murdoch has been away from wrestling too long and it might be the closest he ever gets to the title.

NWA Champion Nick Aldis vs. Trevor Murdoch in a non-title match

Aldis won with the Texas Clover Leaf submission. Murdoch connected with the flying bulldog but slipped off the top rope when he tried to come off of it a second time.

An ad for the ppv aired.

The Rock and Roll Express came out to get interviewed by Marquez. They were excited and Ricky Morton said they have an upcoming shot at the tag team titles. He said they’re 8x champs and going for 9x.

NWA World Tag Team Champions Thom Latimer and Royce Issacs came out to the desk immediately after. They said they didn’t care about the fact that The RNR Express are legends and they will put them down like everyone else.

A 1979 style ad aired with JD Drake acting like Arn Anderson for the Highspots Wrestling website.

The Question Mark vs. Ricky Starks

It was ruled a no contest by the referee after Aron Stevens returned to The NWA and attacked Starks. He held Starks so Question Mark could deliver a couple strikes to the throat. Jim Cornette said he didn’t agree with the decision and Starks should have won by Disqualification.

Colt Cabana was a guest commentator for the match and he eventually made the save for Starks.

An ad aired for the new NWA Powerrr shirt for $20 available on The NWA website.

At the interview desk, Galli and Cornette said the main event will be The Question Mark and Aron Stevens vs. Colt Cabana and Ricky Starks. The Question Mark is super over with the crowd and he’s a masked heel.

Eli Drake came out and trash talked Ken Anderson. Anderson interrupted and said they could have a match right now.

Drake attacked Anderson from behind as he was walking to the ring. He then hit Anderson with an extra metal turnbuckle that was under the interview desk. Referees and security came out to hold Drake back while Cornette and Galli checked on Anderson laying unconscious at ringside.

Marti Belle & Thunder Rosa vs. NWA Women’s Champion Allisyn Kay and Ashley Vox

Rosa pinned Kay when Melina debuted and walked out from the crowd to distract Kay.

Immediately after the match, Belle blasted Kay with a foreman shot and threw Vox out of the ring. Rosa came off the top rope with the diving double stomp on Kay. Melina, Rosa, and Belle are a new stable.

The Austin Idol cocktail commercial aired.

NWA National Champion Colt Cabana and Ricky Starks vs. Aron Stevens and The Question Mark

Granted it’s a studio with about 250-300 people, but The Question Mark is more popular as a heel than many baby faces in WWE now.

Stevens pinned Starks after the strike to the throat by The Question Mark.

Stevens and The Question Mark went right over to Marquez after the match. Stevens said they won it with the power of karate. The Question Mark just yelled “KARATE!” into the mic and they left.

During the match, Cornette said he was told that The Question Mark is from Mongrovia and the finishing thrust to the throat is called “The Mongrovian Spike”.

Marquez was about to sign off the air but James Storm came out. He once again complained about Aldis not wanting to put up the title against him or anybody else.

Kamille came out and whispered something in Storm’s ear and then walked away with a smile on her face. Storm suddenly became calm and softly said his catchphrase “Sorry about your damn luck”.

Update at 7:45pm EST-

This episode of Powerrr has been pulled due to remarks made by Jim Cornette in the first match about “Ethiopia and a bucket of chicken”. Executive Producer Dave Lagana issued an apology on Twitter. They’re apparently going to edit the comments out and eventually post the episode back up.

Update at 9:15pm EST-

The episode has been posted back up on YouTube.

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