AAA Lucha Capital Episode 6 Results 11/20/19

AAA Lucha Capital results Episode 6 from Mexico City, Mexico 🇲🇽 at Pinche Gringo BBQ and live on Facebook Watch:

Eclipse Jr. vs. La Parka Negra vs. Latigo in a non-tournament match

Eclipse pinned Negra after a super hurricanrana in one corner followed up by a moonsault in another corner.

Parka Negra looked like he was holding his shoulder or collarbone on the outside after a dive from Latigo. He never returned to the match and people were checking on him.

Vanilla (Vargas) vs. Lady Maravilla vs. Big Mami

Maravilla pinned Mami after a shot to the head with a metal sheet and the frog splash. Mami accidentally knocked the referee down briefly after giving a body block to Vanilla.

During the match, Mami caught the two women and gave them a power bomb at the same time.

Vanilla went spiraling out of the ring with a splash to the outside on Maravilla after ducking Mami’s clotheslines.

Mami gave both women a suplex off the top rope at the same time when they tried to give her a double team superplex.

Arez vs. Bengala vs. Willie Mack

Mack pinned Bengala after a power bomb and frog splash. Bengala and Mack took Arez out of the match with a Doomsday Destroyer before the finish.

Vampiro interviewed Mack at ringside in English after the match. He said his flight got in at 1am and he’s looking forward to eating some of the BBQ there after the win.

Pagano vs Niño Hamburguesa vs Mocho Cota Jr.

Pagano pinned Cota. It looked like a couple of botched counts by the referee towards the end.

Abismo Negro Jr. vs Aerostar vs Murder Clown

Aerostar got the pin on Negro.

After the match, Monsther Clown ran in wildly and attacked Aerostar and unmasked him. Security had to keep holding him down until he calmed down as other staff helped Aerostar from the ring.

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