Heavy Metal Wrestling Results 11/22/19: ACH Returns To Indies

Heavy Metal Wrestling from San Antonio, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at 502 Bar and live on Twitch on 11/22/19: https://www.twitch.tv/heavymetalwrestling

This show will feature ACH (back in his home state of Texas) vs. Chandler Hopkins in the main event. ACH is gone from NXT/WWE after a dispute and immediately back on the indie scene.

King Rob Love vs. Undisputed Heavy Metal Champion Ruben Steel

Steel got the pin after a running DVD into a door set up in the corner of the ring. He gave Love a stunner after the match.

Steel piled up a bunch of chairs on Love on the stage during the match. He then set up a door between two chairs below. Love recovered to slam him off of the stage and through the door.

Andre Law and Dre Brenner vs. Tag Team Champions Dyl Dempsey and Jonathan Life

Dempsey got the pin after the Justice Knee.

Chocolate Papi vs. ACW Under 30 Champion Corvice

Papi come out with a woman who looked pregnant. He cut a promo and said she’s carrying his seed. He said the city doesn’t deserve his baby. He said this was going to be a reveal party but Corvice came out and interrupted to start the match.

Corvice got the pin. I lost the Twitch feed for several seconds but it looked like Papi or his significant other tried to use the gender reveal confetti canister as a weapon but it backfired. The incident ended up revealing it will be a baby boy.

Great Scott (with members of The Commission) vs. Thomas Shire

Scott got the pin after a sunset bomb when The Commission distracted the referee and hit Shire with a boot.

Tommy Bolton vs. Terrale Tempo

This is Tempo’s last match in the company.

Tempo got the win but the feed was lost and I didn’t see the finish. The announcers kept saying it was his last match but they didn’t say why.

Our friend and Texas correspondent David Rivera is live at the show. He said they made an announcement at intermission for fans to turn off the WiFi on their phones. That is what is apparently causing the interference with the Twitch stream.

Kiefer Bartek vs. Max Hype (or Height?)

Bartek got the pin after a short clothesline.

Prince Adam and Vert Vixen vs. J. Serious and Rok-C

Serious and Rok-C got the backslide simultaneous pin on each of their opponents for the pin.

Ring announcer Dylan Dunbar told Rok-C not to leave the ring. He said they’re coming back to the venue on Jan. 24 and one of the matches will be Rok-C vs. Tessa Blanchard.

Bryan Keith vs. Pistolero Balderas

Keith won by Disqualification when Balderas accidentally sprayed green mist in the face of the referee.

Joe Demaro vs. Curt Stallion

Stallion got the pin after a tombstone piledriver in a long back and forth match. They shook hands afterwards and the crowd chanted “Both These Guys!”

ACH vs. Chandler Hopkins

Hopkins got the pin with an inside cradle.

Right when ACH walked through the curtain the look on his face was full of elation and adoration. The crowd chanted his name and “Welcome Home!” while he soaked it all in.

It was a really good match with lots of fast paced mat wrestling action then ACH started to resort to heel tactics. He got on the mic during the match and got in Hopkins face. He said when he left he thought he was leaving Texas in better shape but Hopkins disgusts him. He said if Hopkins wanted it, he needed to earn it. He called him a “little bitch”.

After the match, ACH got on the mic and said today was like a dream that he was trying to piece together. He said he hopes he wakes up tomorrow happy. He told the crowd that life is short and you have to live every day like it’s the last. He said the fans were there because they love pro wrestling, him, and Texas. He said he will always represent Texas no matter where in the world he goes. He never mentioned WWE.

He said before he left Texas, he saw Hopkins in Dallas and thought he was good. Then he saw him in Austin at Inspire Pro Wrestling and thought he was really good. He wanted to have a match with him.

People came into the ring and put a Texas flag around ACH and a crown on his because his nickname is “The King of Texas”.

Hopkins got on the mic and said he couldn’t believe it when he got the call that ACH was coming back and he got offered the match. He said it was a dream and he said “hell yes!“ He said ACH really is super. They hugged and Hopkins raised his hand.

Dunbar announced that ACH will face ASF on the Jan. 24, 2020. ASF came out to shake hands with ACH, but ACH refused and walked out of the ring to end the show.

David Rivera was kind enough to provide us with some photos here. Here is his wrestling photography page:,https://www.instagram.com/davrivphotog/

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