NWA Powerrr Results 11/26/19, PPV Matches Announced

NWA Powerrr results on 11/26/19 on YouTube https://youtu.be/cQBj7p0UeXM

Joe Galli was by himself in the control center. He said this was a special episode and wished American viewers a Happy Thanksgiving. He said the NWA World Title Match on the 12/14/19 ppv in Atlanta will be a 2/3 Falls stipulation and Nick Aldis’ challenger will be revealed in the hour.

They showed a long in-ring promo with Eli Drake from an episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood with David Marquez. Drake was mostly talking about Mr. Anderson in the segment but Galli wondered if he could be Aldis’ challenger.

Galli said NWA World Tag Team Champions Royce Issacs and Thom Latimer will defend against The Rock and Roll Express on next week’s episode.

They showed more clips of the Thunder Rosa documentary with her training for her Combate Americas MMA bout.

Galli said Colt Cabana will defend the National Title on the ppv against a challenger to be announced next week.

Galli said an Empty Arena Match is up next.

They went to the announcer desk with David Marquez interviewing Aron Stevens and The Question Mark. Stevens said this match is a punishment to them by the NWA, and if they lose, The Question Mark must unmask. Stevens said they want to add a stipulation. If they win, then The Dawsons must read Shakespeare.

The Question Mark (with Aron Stevens) vs. Zane Dawson (Dave Dawson) in an Empty Arena Match

The Question Mark won it in fairly quick fashion with the Mongrovian Spike for the pin.

Joe Galli called the match by himself. After the match, Marquez interviewed everyone at ringside. The Dawsons had to read Shakespeare. They did it in a bad British accent. Stevens acted like he was vomiting in a small trash can from having to listen to them while The Question Mark held his head. This was incredibly stupid.

Galli said The Question Mark will face Trevor Murdoch at the ppv.

Galli did a sit down ringside interview with Melina. She said she was a fan of wrestling and it used to tells stories about fighting for something other than ego. She said she was out of wrestling for a couple of years but now she doesn’t just wrestle for any company, she has to want to be somewhere. She said Allysin Kay carries around the NWA Women’s Title like it’s just an accessory and it deserves more. She said she will make Kay appreciate it either way if she keeps it in a match against her or if she loses it.

They showed an ad and brief sound byte of William Patrick Corgan’s new album. It’s called “Cotillions“.

They plugged the upcoming Circle Squared concept information.

More scenes from the Thunder Rosa documentary aired.

Galli said Allysin Kay and Ashley Vox will face two members of Melina’s team (Melina, Thunder Rosa, and Marti Belle). He said fans can vote on which two will be in the match.

Galli announced Eli Drake vs. Mr. Anderson has been added to the ppv.

At the end of the show they announced Aldis will defend against James Storm in the 2/3 Falls Match at the ppv.

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