WrestleCade ShowCase Of Champions Results 11/29/19

WrestleCade Showcase Of Champions results from Winston-Salem, North Carolina at Benton Convention Center on 11/29/19 on Title Match Network: https://www.titlematchwrestlingnetwork.com

Josh Gerry and Blake Chadwick are the announcers.

David Anthony vs. WSF TV Champion Murphy Costigan

Costigan got the pin and it may have been after using an illegal object. The camera panned out and it was hard to see. At the start of the match the referee checked Murphy for weapons. Murphy hid something into his gear when the referee turned his back.

The crowd is so loud, and the announcers are so low with the volume, they may as well not even have commentary because you can’t even hear them.

Chris Riddle joins in on commentary now.

PWI Ultra J Champion John Skylar vs. Andrew Everett

Skylar got the pin after hitting Everett in the face with the title when Everett did a dive on the outside at him. The referee was sandwiched on the outside between the ring and Skylar as the belt shot happened and he didn’t see it.

Innovate US Tag Team Champions The Heatseekers (Elliot Russell and Sigmon) vs. Jordan Cage and Caleb Courageous (with their manager John Hawkins)

Russell and Sigmon got the pin on Cage after a power slam and flying head butt finisher when Hawkins accidentally hit Cage with a fireball.

AML Champion C.W. Anderson (with Brittany Marie) vs. Ethan Page

Page came out with his Impact Wrestling World Tag Title. The announcers said his title is arguably the most prestigious title tonight in the building. Audio issues are a little better but there’s an echo.

Anderson got the pin after the shotgun super kick.

The Carnies vs. The Gymnasty Boy vs. G.R.I.T. (with their manager Tommy Thomas) for the vacant Fest Wrestling Tag Team Champions

The announcers said The Carnies were the tag team champs but the titles are now vacant and we will see new champions in this match.

The Gymnasty Boys win the titles after a power bomb on one of The Carnies for the pin.

ASW Heavyweight Champion Rocky Rage vs. Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Jason Kincaid

Rage pinned Kincaid after a ropes assisted piledriver. Kincaid pushed Pillman off the top rope and down to the floor to take him out of the match.

Wrestling Revolver Champion and MPW Champion Killer Kross vs. Billy Brash

Kross came out and gave all the fans a fist bump.

The announcers mics are totally gone for this match.

Kross got the pin after the Doomsday Suplex. He shook Brash’s hand and hugged him after.

MORE Wrestling Champion Brian Cage vs. Willie Mack

Cage finally got the pin after the Weapon X. They used every big move and finisher against each other for several near falls. Cage picked Mack up off of the mat when it was over and raised his hand in sportsmanship.

Ladies Night Out Champion Ivelisse vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Diamanté vs. Miranda Alize in an elimination match

Diamanté pinned Alize to eliminate her first and after a double team DDT with Ivelisse.

Ivelisse stomped away on Hogan and Diamanté looked disappointed. The announcers mentioned that Hogan and Diamanté are a couple outside of the wrestling business.

Diamanté took slight shots at Hogan but looked guilty about doing it. She asked Ivelisse if she was happy that she did it.

Hogan pinned Diamanté after a super kick when Ivelisse and Diamanté collided on the mat.

Ivelisse got the pin on Hogan after interference from Alize. Hogan accidentally kicked the referee down. Alize ran in and gave Hogan a cutter then Ivelisse follow up with the rolling kick to the face.

After the match, Alize asked to join La Sicaria with Ivelisse and Diamanté. They were against it at first but Alize insisted and told Ivelisse she helped her win the match. Ivelisse agreed and gave her a bandanna.

NGW Champion Rich Swann vs. Matt Cross

Swann got the pin after a 450 Splash. Good match with a fast pace and suspenseful near falls. Cross gave Swann the springboard cutter but Swann kicked out. Swann then gave him a cutter off the ropes before the finish.

The scheduled match of World Class Revolution Champion Stephan Bonnar vs. MVP never happened. MVP announced on his social media a few hours before the show that he wasn’t going to make it due to issues with a “third party promoter”.

WrestleCade is back tomorrow with the SuperShow at 5pm EST on Title Match Network.

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