AAA Lucha Libre Results 11/30/19

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide results from Veracruz, Mexico 🇲🇽 at Auditorio Benito Juarez on 11/30/19 and live on Twitch:

Ring announcer Jesus Zuniga opened the show talking about it being the location of the first AAA show 27 years ago. Blue Demon Jr. came out and interrupted. He hyped up tonight’s show and the big show tomorrow at the baseball stadium. He said he has a friend with him that watches his back. He showed off the hammer he’s used before as a weapon.

Mr. Iguana, Dinastia, and Big Mami vs. Vanilla Vargas Australian Suicide, and Lady Maravilla

Maravilla pinned Mami after the frog splash in a wild finish.

Vargas and Suicide gave Mami a double team super plex and, Maravilla hit the frog splash, but Mami kicked out. The rudos stomped her and the referee lost control. Iguana and Dinastia were sent to the outside and couldn’t make the save.

Nino Hamburguesa ran out to help Mami. He gave Vanilla, Suicide, and the referee a cannonball splash in the corner.

Maravilla came back into the ring and gave Hamburguesa a kick to the groin. She arm dragged Mami down and delivered another frog splash. Rudo referee Tirantes then ran out acting as a back up referee and made a fast count.

Mami told Hamburguesa that she didn’t need his help and she shoved him.

Draztick Boy, Bengala, and Eclipse Jr. vs. Tito Santana, Mocho Cota Jr., and Carta Brava Jr.

Cota pinned Eclipse after a Spanish Fly.

Bengala gave Brava a dangerous looking super hurricanrana on a top of a few of the others down on the floor during the match.

Aerostar and Maximo vs. Superfly and Monsther Clown

Aerostar was still selling the elbow injury from Lucha Capital the other night.

Monsther pinned Aerostar after giving him the over the shoulder slam through a huge wooden table set up between chairs in the ring and then rolling over on him. The rudos took Aerostar’s mask.

Monsther was a bloody mess through his mask after getting a few chair shots in the match. Aerostar was stretchered out after.

Dulce Canela was introduced as the new exotico in the company but he’s not new to professional wrestling.

Abismo Negro Jr., Villano III Jr., and Keyra vs. Dulce Canela, Faby Apache, and Nino Hamburguesa

Hamburguesa pinned Negro after the big splash off the ropes.

Villano was actually able to get Hamburguesa up on his shoulders and give him a DVD in the match.

The English announcers said they are sending positive vibes to La Parka and he is fighting.

Rey Escorpion, Texano Jr., and La Hiedra vs. Octagon Jr., Hijo del Vikingo, and Drago

Hiedra pinned Drago with a code red after Escorpion and Texano hit finishers on him. Blue Demon Jr. came out to cause a distraction and pulled the referee out of the ring just as Drago was about to pin Hiedra.

Demon used the hammer on Drago to the leg after the match and he helped the other rudos stomp on him. Drago was stretchered out.

Puma King, Pagano, and Psycho Clown vs. Taurus, Averno, and Chessman

Chessman pinned Pagano after a low blow that referee Tirantes didn’t see and a fast count.

Puma gave Taurus an overhead suplex into a wooden board set up in the corner of the ring then Psycho speared Taurus into another board minutes later.

After the match, the rudos posted Psycho crotch first into the ring post and they slammed Pagano off the ring into a table on the floor.

The show ended like a WWE style finish with several others involved in key matches tomorrow (like Aerostar and Monsther Clown) running in to brawl with each other.

A reminder that tomorrow’s show will not be broadcast live outside of Mexico. I hope to have results IF my usual correspondent from California happens to be attending the show.

The next show on Twitch is Dec. 14..

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