Future Stars Of Wrestling “High Octane” Results 11/29/19:Title Change

Future Stars Of Wrestling results of their “High Octane” event from Las Vegas, Nevada and live on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/videos/515061503

Danny Rose, Ricky Adams, and Macho Mouse vs. Jay Vidal, Watson, and Brandon Gee

Watson pinned Mouse after a spear. Mouse ended up alone in the match when Adams and Rose were taken out by the heels. He was focused on Vidal in the ring. Vidal made a blind tag to Watson but Mouse didn’t see the it and the referee did.

FSW Owner Joe DeFalco went to the ring. He said he needed to talk to No Limits Champion Remy Marcel about beating up a fan at the last show. Marcel’s manager Sal E. came out instead and wanted to know what they needed to talk about. Sal said it looked like Marcel has the night off because he wasn’t there. DeFalco said he wasn’t going to strip Marcel of the title, but he is suspended for 30 Days.

Ice Williams then came to the ring. He said Marcel didn’t just go after any fan, it was his brother. Williams gave Sal a superkick. Marcel then ran in from the crowd and hit Williams from behind with the title.

Marcel said he doesn’t care if he’s suspended for 30 Days. He said he will be at the 12/21 show to face the winner of a 4-Way Match later on.

DJT vs. Neno Black

Black got the pin with a powerbomb.

Vinny Wasco vs. Greg Romero

Romero got the pin after the Bolt Cutter.

Hyper Streak and Eli Quick vs. Sky High (Robby Lit and Mondo Rox)

Streak and Quick pinned Rox after a Doomsday blockbuster and powerbomb double team finisher.

Ricky Tenacious vs. Hero Leu

Leu got the pin after a spear.

Lazarus vs. Cut Throat Cody

Cody got the pin after a rope draping bulldog.

Action Braxton and Fresco Maddox (with Lights Action Faction) vs. Sefa Fatu in a 2 on 1 Match

Braxton cut a long promo calling Fatu out. Then he said Fatu wasn’t there and must be filming more commercials. Fatu’s music hit and he rushed in the ring from the other side of the venue.

Sefa is Rikishi’s son and the younger brother of The Usos.

Fatu pinned Maddox after a superkick when Maddox and Braxton accidentally collided on the ring.

After the match, the heels jumped Fatu but he was able to fight them off. He was going to give Braxton a top rope splash but the rest of LCF pulled Braxton out of the ring in time.

True Grit (Jesse James and Hoss Hogg) vs. The Bonus Boys (Sugar Brown and Clutch Kucera)

DeFalco said this match was signed 8 months ago but Hogg broke his ankle but he’s now back in action the last month or two. True Grit are regulars on the California indie scene.

Sugar and Brown get the pin on James after a discus clothesline and sidewalk slam. They went over to the announcer desk after the match and told DeFalco they wanted a Tag Titles shot against Hammerstone and Graves.

Owner Travers vs. Matt Vandagriff vs. Shaggy McLovin vs. Funny Bone (with Sarah Rose) in a #1 con. match for the No Limits Title

Rose is Sarah The Rebel, a regular in WOW as “Razor” of The Psycho Sisters stable.

McLovin got the pin on Matt Vandagriff after coming off the top rope and hitting a stunner. Funny Bone took himself out of the match by doing a big dive out of the ring onto Travers in the crowd.

McLovin will face Remy Marcel for the No Limits Title on Dec. 21. The show will air live on Twitch.

Nevada State Champion Hammerstone vs. Douglas James in a No DQ Match

Hammerstone jumped James on his way out the ring and laid him out. He then sat in a chair in the ring and cut promo. He said he’s tired of New Age Progressives in pro wrestling and the fans. He said everyone loves all the small underdogs now because they know they can’t win but they want them to win. He said James will never be able to beat him.

James recovered and immediately hit Hammerstone in the face with the title at the bell and followed up with a few quick moves to get the advantage.

Hammerstone stopped James’ momentum a few minutes later by hitting him in the head with a chair when he tried to go for a dive to the outside.

James sent Hammerstone face first into the chair that Hammerstone set up between the ropes. He hit him with the chair a couple times then kicked it in his face for a near fall. He immediately locked in a choke submission but Hammerstone was able to power out of it.

Hammerstone gave James a kick to the crotch and a powerbomb on the chair but he didn’t go for the pin so he could beat him up some more.

Shogun Jones ran in at the end and hit Hammerstone in the back with a kendo stick as Hammerstone was about to hit James in the head with a chair.

James got the pin after a frog splash to win the title in a good solid match.

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