WrestleCade SuperShow Results 11/30/19

WrestleCade SuperShow Results from Winston-Salem, North Carolina at Benton Convention Center on 11/30/19 and broadcasting on Title Match Network: https://www.titlematchwrestlingnetwork.com

Blake Chadwick and Stevie Ray are the broadcast team.

Shannon Moore (with Lindsay Snow) vs. Kaz Hayashi (with Sonny Onoo)

Moore got the pin after a michinoku driver.

Onoo was having a blast out there like he usually does at these conventions. Hayashi kept throwing Moore out of the ring and distracting the referee so Onoo could give him karate kicks on the floor. Snow chased Onoo around the ring like a Warner Brothers cartoon. Onoo ran in the ring and Snow went after him. Hayashi tried to block her way and she gave him an enziguri to lead to the finish.

AML Tag Team Champions The Dawsons (Zane Dawson and Dave Dawson with Colby Corino) vs. Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard and JTG)

Cryme Tyme cut a promo before the match and laughed at The Dawsons for calling them out on Twitter. They said they don’t Tweet, they wrestle.

Zane pinned Gaspard after Corino hit Gaspard in the face with one of the tag titles belts. Cryme Tyme wanted to shake hands after the match but The Dawsons gave them the middle finger. Cryme Tyme booted Dave out of the ring then they gave Zane their double team finisher. They ran off to the back with the tag titles while The Dawsons were laid out.

Brian Cage vs. Crazzy Steve

Cage got the pin after the Tornado Claw and the Drill Claw.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack vs. The Gymnasty Boys (Timmy Lou Retton and White Mike) vs. Luke Hawx and PJ Hawx

PJ Hawx is Luke’s son.

Swann pinned Retton after a splash set up by Mack’s super stunner.

AML Champion C.W. Anderson (with Brittany Marie) vs. Rhino

Anderson got the pin after the Shotgun Superkick when Rhino tried to charge him in the corner.

Team Bill Alfonso (Daga, Matt Justice, and Andrew Everett) vs. Team Teddy Long (Matt Cross, Ethan Page, and Jason Kincaid)

Long cut a promo on Alfonso. He said Alfonso has been running his mouth but he looks great. He said the wrestlers should get the night off and they can go one on one. Then he said it looks like that won’t happen so instead they’ll have the 6-man tag match.

Cross pinned Everett after a shooting star press right after Everett was set up by Kincaid’s cutter and a choke slam by Page. The faces all danced in the ring with Teddy Long afterwards.

The Great Muta (with Sonny Onoo) in an Open Challenge

The challenge was answered by George South. He cut a promo before the match and said he was going to give Onoo and Muta a chance to “go back to China”. James Beard is the referee. He worked for World Class, the NWA, and many others in his career.

Muta got the pin after the spraying the green mist in South’s face and the Shining Wizard.

After the match, NWA World Champion Nick Aldis came to the ring and laid the title on the mat in front of Muta. Muta argued with him a bit and then left the ring with Onoo.

Aldis cut a promo and talked about building up the NWA brand and now getting to be face to face with a legend. He said he was also teaming with legends tonight which led into the next match.

Nick Aldis and The Rock and Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) vs. Homicide, Hernandez, and Thomas Latimer

Morton got the pin on Latimer after a Canadian Destroyer (with a bit of an assist by Aldis and Gibson). Morton also did a big dive through the ropes during the match. It’s amazing that he does it at 63, and more amazing, he and Gibson never seems to look even a bit tired after matches.

I don’t know if he was just talking, but Stevie Ray said on commentary that he was on the phone with his brother Booker T. and they are going to try to work out a deal to appear at WrestleCade next year for an open challenge tag team match against anyone on Earth.

Jax Dane won the battle royal by eliminating Fallah Bahh last after a low blow and throwing him over the top. Swoggle, Elliott Russell, Sigmon, Pitbull Gary Wolf, Gillberg, Chance Riser, Preston Quinn, Mr. Hughes, Shane Douglas, Super Human, JB Cole, Blanco Loco, James Ellsworth, Blue Meanie, Stan Lee, 2 Cold Scorpio, The Question Mark, Aldo Montoya, Lenny, Lodi, Scott Norton (wearing an NWO shirt), NWO Sting, and a few others who weren’t identified were in this. The Sandman appeared in the crowd during the match to give beer to fans but he wasn’t a factor.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary vs. Jordynne Grace (this match will be changed as Blanchard announced the other day that she is NOT medically cleared due to an eye injury but she will still be at the show)

Blanchard came out last dressed in regular clothes. She has a big black eye. She said it was good to be back home (she’s from Charlotte) and at WrestleCade. She informed the crowd that doctors advised her not to wrestle this weekend as a precaution. She said a former ECW wrestler (it was The Sandman) was backstage saying he didn’t think women could main event because he didn’t have faith in the fans accepting it. She said all the women in the ring have been around the world and held titles. She said they’re not just great women wrestlers, but great all-around wrestlers.

She said it will still be a 4-Way Match and brought out Su Yung as her replacement. She joined Blake Chadwick and Stevie Ray on commentary.

Valkyrie got the pin on Rosemary in a clever finish. Yung had Grace and Valkyrie in two separate mandible claws in the middle of the ring. Rosemary gave Yung a big spear to break it all up then Valkyrie rolled her up for the win immediately after.

Grace did a dive over the guardrail and into the crowd on Yung and Valkyrie during the match. Her explosive quickness and uncanny agility is always impressive in addition to being the power lifter powerhouse.

Yung did a rolling senton off the ring on everyone down on the floor.

It was hard to hear Blanchard on commentary because Ray was sharing his headset mic with her. As the show was wrapping up he asked her how long she will be out of action. It sounded like she said she can go back to training next week.

A few notes from the AML show on 12/1/19 called “The Day After”:

George South won the AML Title from CW Anderson, Colby Corino won the AML Prestige Title from Billy Brash, and The Gymnasty Boys won the AML Tag Team Titles from The Dawsons.

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