AAA Lucha Capital Season 2 Finale results from Mexico City, Mexico 🇲🇽 at Pinche Gringo BBQ and live on Facebook Watch on 12/4/19:

Carta Brava Jr. vs. Hijo del Vikingo vs. Pagano vs. Psycho Clown in a second chance match with the winner going to the finals

Vikingo got the pin on Brava after what may have been the reverse 450 splash. He came flying across the ring out of camera view and landed right on top of Brava for the win.

Bengala vs. Puma King in a semifinal match

This was supposed to be a 3-Way Match with Flamita but Flamita is not there.

King got the pin after a powerbomb. Super quick action as one would expect between the two lucha cats. Bengala did an incredible springboard moonsault on King to the floor at one point.

Taurus vs. Willie Mack vs. Rich Swann in a semi finals match

Taurus pinned Swann with the rodeo driver.

Keyra vs. Big Mami vs. Lady Shani in the Women’s Finals

Keyra kicked Mami in the face and folded her up tight in the corner for the pin. Keyra is the Lucha Capital 2 Women’s Champion.

Taurus vs. Hijo del Vikingo vs. Puma King in the Men’s Finals

Vikingo got the pin on Taurus after picking the big man up on his shoulders and ramming him into the turnbuckles and following up with the 450 Splash. Vikingo is the Lucha Capital 2 Men’s Champion.

Really good match that started out intense from the start and never let him. Vikingo did high risk dives to the outside and Taurus and King hit high impact moves. The match is worth checking out if you didn’t see it.

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