Bar Wrestling 49: “Invasion of the Secret Santas” from Los Angeles, California at Bootleg Theatre on 12/4/19:

Ryan Taylor beat Lucas Riley by submission.

Ray Rosas and Uptown Andy Brown beat YUMA and WATTS.

Taya Valkyrie beat Miranda Alize by submission.

Joey Ryan, Heather Monroe, and Laura James went to a double pin fall draw (I think) with Anthony Greene, Angel Sinclair, and Ava Everett when the men from each side were pinned at the same time. Gail Kim was the special referee. She gave Ryan the Eat Defeat when he tried to Boob Plex her. Greene then started to argue with her and shoved her. She got angry and repeatedly hit Greene and then gave him a Tornado DDT. She raised the hands of all four of the women in the match when it was over.

James had been gone from BW since December 2018 and Ryan publicly announced that they were getting divorced back in June. She appeared on a few shows for RISE in the first half of this year teaming with Monroe under their usual Killer Baes tag team name.

Brian Cage beat Chris Bey.

Phoenix Star and Zokre beat Jake Atlas and Dom Kubrick after the back stabber and moonsault double team finisher on Kubrick.

Cody name dropped Bar Wrestling and Beyond Wrestling during his in-ring promo on AEW Dynamite this week when talking about the history of The Butcher and The Blade.

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