Club WWN and WWN Live will be free for the month to new subscribers if you sign up today. You will be able to see all of the EVOLVE, SHINE, and Kaiju Big Battle live events in December on the service.

EVOLVE 141 is tonight (12/6/19) from Livonia, Michigan at the Monaghan Knights of Columbus at 8pm EST:

WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER vs. Timothy Thatcher in a non-title match

EVOLVE Champion Josh Briggs vs. JD Drake

EVOLVE Tag Team Champions AR Fox and Leon Ruff (with Ayla and The Skulk) vs. Matt Sydal and Andrew Everett

Babatunde, Arturo Ruas and Anthony Gutierrez vs. Joey Gacy, Eddie Kingston and Sean Maluta

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Reina Gonzalez (they both worked the big WWE NXT Women’s show in Jacksonville, Florida last night)

Colby Corino vs. Brendan Vink

Harlem Bravado vs. whoever is the EVOLVE training seminar stand out today

EVOLVE 142 from Chicago, Illinois at Logan Square Auditorium on 12/7/19 at 8pm EST:

WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER vs. EVOLVE Champion Josh Briggs in a non-title match.

AR Fox and Leon Ruff vs. Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett (it could be a Tag Team Titles match depending on the outcome of their respective EVOLVE 141 matches)

Arturo Ruas vs. Timothy Thatcher

Eddie Kingston vs. Anthony Gutierrez

Matt Sydal vs. Curt Stallion

Joe Gacy vs. Andrew Everett

Babatunde vs. JD Drake vs. Harlem Bravado vs. Anthony Greene (with Brandi Lauren)

Shotzi Blackheart vs. a person to be announced in her final EVOLVE match

Brendan Vink vs. Adrian Alanis

Plus, Reina Gonzalez, Sean Maluta, Colby Corino, and Liam Gray.

SHINE heads to Livonia, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois at the same venues on 12/13/19 and 12/14/19 featuring a tournament to determine a new Nova Champion. Shotzi Blackheart vacated the title weeks ago because she is now under contract with WWE NXT.

The tournament starts in Livonia and the finals will take place the next night in Chicago. 7:30pm EST start in Livonia and 8pm EST in Chicago.

Bracket A:

Marti Belle vs. Avery Taylor

La Rosa Negra vs. Notorious Nadi

Natalia Markova vs. Jenna

Candy Cartwright vs. Double D’Rose

Bracket B:

Stormie Lee vs. Thunderkitty

Lindsay Snow vs. Jayme Jameson

Brandi Lauren vs. Randi West

Kimber Lee vs. Aja Perera

Kaiju Big Battle events will be taking place before or after SHINE. I don’t know an exact time but the show is included with the SHINE ticket prices.

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