WAR “Queen Of WAR” Women’s Show 12/6/19

W.A.R. (Wrestling And Respect) out of Lima, Ohio has an all-Women’s show on 12/6/19 at Bradfield Community Center. The show will feature a tournament to crown a Women’s Champion.

Holidead vs. Joseline Navarro

Paloma Starr vs. Shawna Reed

Ray Lyn (aka Chantilly Chella on WOW) vs. Cali Young. Young has been used a few times this year as enchantment talent on Impact Wrestling. She was also part of the most recent WOW TV tapings a couple of months ago that have yet to air. Al Snow, Rip Rogers, and the late Matt Cappotelli were her trainers in OVW.

Zoey Skye (aka Dust in RISE) vs. Nikki Victory vs. Randi West (longtime Michigan regular) vs. Kitty LaFleur (aka ThuderKitty)

WAR also has a show the next night at the same location with this card:

Jackson Stone (XICW Detroit regular) vs. Papa Dingo

Cody Jones vs. Austin Manix

Voodoo King Mojo McQueen vs. Shane Foster

Cody Hawk vs. Brandon Day

Orlando Christopher vs. Aaron Williams

El Ridiculouso (Michigan and Canada regular) vs. Sam Beale

Mysterious Mavado (Michigan regular) and Beastman vs. Tommy Vendetta and Jack Price

Shawna Reed vs. Paloma Starr

Tickets for both shows are available Alter Ego Comics and Gromy’s CDs and Tapes.

W.W.D. Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrestlingdemons?lang=en

W.W.D. Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/WrestlingWithDemons2018/?ref=bookmarks

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