Impact Wrestling “Motown ShowDown” Results 12/8/19

Impact Wrestling and their sister group Border City Wrestling results of “Motown ShowDown” from Belleville, Michigan at The Diamond Back Saloon on 12/8/19 and live on Twitch:

They did a live pre-show at 6:30pm EST with Josh Mathews and Scott D’Amore in the ring welcoming everyone.

Mathews introduced D’Amore as Impact Executive Vice President. D’Amore and Anthem/Impact’s Ed Nordholm showed what they are last week by trying to claim that D’Amore isn’t an official Impact employee by using the pro wrestling “independent contractor” excuse to try to get him out of a deposition in the Jeff Jarrett lawsuit against the company. They also tried to use D’Amore being a Canadian citizen, and not American, to get him out of legal action despite the fact he’s constantly in America with Impact events.

The ring announcer mentioned that Rosemary was involved in the toy drive at the venue along with Taya Valkyrie. If fans brought an unwrapped toy to donate, they received a free meet and greet and picture in return.

Jackson Stone, Clayton Gainz, and Tyler Tirva vs. Tony Gunn and King’s Ransom (Leonis and Maximus Khan)

Former original ECW and Michigan referee/promoter AT Huck was shown in attendance by the entrance ramp.

Gunn pinned Tirva after a roaring forearm shot.

Ali Akbar vs. Nate Bock

Bock got the pin after a full nelson slam.

X-Division Champion Ace Austin vs. Dez

Mathews keeps pronouncing the city as “Bell-view” instead of “Bell-ville. D’Amore says Bellview is a mental institution in New York. (Perhaps hell next plead insanity to get out of doing the deposition.)

Austin got the pin after The Fold when Dez was trying to be creative by doing a series of backflips towards him and got caught with a kick to the head.

Slow pace aside from a few high spots. Mathews and D’Amore even mentioned that they were surprised at the pace. Lots of strikes and house show level of work.

Jamal King vs. Larry D

The ring announcer announced D as the newest member of the Impact roster. He was signed after his match on the Impact Plus show in Dayton last night.

Larry D got the pin after a right hand knock out punch.

The Desi Hit Squad (Rohit and Shera) vs. Trey and Wentz

Shera pinned Wentz after sky high as Rohit knocked Trey off the top rope and then hit Wentz as Wentz tried to go after him.

Idris Abraham vs. N8 Mattson

Mattson got the pin after a sit out swinging neck breaker.

Eddie Edwards vs. Mad Fulton

Edwards won by Disqualification fairy quick when Dave and Jake Crist ran in and attacked him. Rich Swann and Willie Mack made the save. Swann cut a promo and set up a 6-man Tag.

Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and Eddie Edwards vs. Dave Crist, Jake Crist, and Mad Man Fulton

All the baby faces did dives to the outside on the heels. There was a long brawl around ringside. Swann went up to the balcony and Dave followed him up by climbing up the lighting fixture. Swann knocked him off then did a dive on everyone below.

The match officially began when they all finally got back in the ring.

Edwards got the pin on Dave Crist after the Boston Knee Party.

This went too long but there was impressive stuff in it. Mack gave both Crist Brothers an exploder at the same time. Fulton came flying off the ropes but Mack caught him and gave him a Samoan Drop and then Jake Crist a Samoan Drop on top of him. Fulton held Edwards up in a military press and Jake Crist came off the top and gave Edwards a flying cutter.

Madison Rayne and Havok vs. Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo)

Rayne got the pin on Rosemary with a roll up right after Rosemary had clotheslined Havok out of the ring.

This was a bad comedy match but short. Rayne cut a long and rambling promo before the match and demanded that Rosemary or Valkyrie lay down for her to let her win. She said she complained to the executive board because Rosemary refused to lay down and let her win last night in Dayton. She also claimed to be on the executive board. She warned Valkyrie about hanging around with Rosemary because “the last blonde” friend of hers (referring to Allie) didn’t end up well. Rosemary had enough and went after her to start the match.

D’Amore followed up and said Rosemarys friend ended up in the undead realm and she’s now somewhere worse. He laughed when he said it. That was clearly a shot at AEW. Yes, AEW has been bad the last few weeks with booking and corny characters, but they draw numbers that Impact will never see. Impact has peaked at just over 1,000 viewers for this Twitch Special. They don’t release AXS TV data or ppv numbers because they’re so low. If they did well, D’Amore would be the first guy to brag about it.

They never mentioned it, but Rosemary touched on it on her social media briefly today. She debuted at this venue in January 2008. It was for a Prime Time Wrestling and Border City Wrestling show. She was under the name Casey McGuire then. She lost to the woman who would eventually become Cat Power.

Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin

Elgin got the pin with an inside cradle as Cage was trying to go for Weapon X.

Very good, hard hitting back and forth match. They exchanged all kinds of suplexes and finishers for several near falls where it looked like either would win. Elgin was bleeding for the mouth after. Cage offered to shake his hand. Elgin debated it and had the crowd cheer for Cage too. He then slapped Cage’s hand away and gave him the middle finger and left the ring. They should re-air this match during the weekly Tuesday show on AXS TV in place of an old TNA match segment.

Impact Wrestling World Champion Sami Callihan vs. Rhino in a Street Fight

Mathews mentioned that Rhino left WWE because he was tired of sitting in the back and he wanted to wrestle.

Callihan got the pin after throwing powder in Rhino’s face and kicking him in the crotch.

The first referee was bumped as Callihan moved him in the way of a gore and Rhino accidentally crashed him into a table set up in the corner. A second referee came out just as Rhino had Callihan pinned but it gave Callihan enough time to recover to kick out. The second referee kept checking on the first referee under the table rubble and Callihan snuck to grab the powder and kick Rhino behind his back. That didn’t make sense because this was a No DQ Street Fight.

It was the same kind of Callihan hardcore match that he always does. Either he can’t wrestle any other way or he chooses not to. Everything is brawling with weapons. At the start of the match, Rhino kept hitting him over the head with a metal sheet and he sold it like Mick Jagger strutting on stage in a Rolling Stones concert. Later, he hid under the ring when Rhino tried to put him through a table. He brought out the staple gun and stapled Rhino in the chest and thigh. Rhino then got control of it and gave him a staple in the crotch.

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