NWA “Into The Fire” Results, Marty Scrull Appears and The TV Title Returns

NWA “Into The Fire” results from Atlanta, Georgia at Georgia Public Broadcasting Studios on 12/14/19 and live on FITE: https://www.fite.tv/watch/nwa-into-the-fire/2p4wz/

The show opened with a video narrated by Stu Bennett followed by Dokken’s song that the ppv is named after. Joe Galli and Stu Bennett welcome us and run down the entire card. Bennett jumped right in with no hesitations at all here in his debut.

David Marquez is the ring announcer. I’m told he also warmed up the crowd before the show to make things fun and relaxed.

The wrestler entranceway is down the steps and through the crowd, not from side stage like on the NWA Powerrr show.

Eli Drake vs. Mr. Ken Anderson

Drake folded up Anderson for the pin after Anderson’s sunset flip off the top rope. Good back and forth opener that went nonstop.

Marquez interviewed Nick Aldis at the desk. The crowd gave Aldis a standing ovation. He said years ago everyone thought The NWA was done and a thing of the past but there was a voice out of the darkness. He said now their on ppv with over 40 countries watching. The crowd stood up and chanted “NWA”. He said he and James Storm will be united in history tonight.

Marquez asked him about Kamille. Aldis once again reminded him that he wanted her to have the night off and she will not be at ringside because he doesn’t want to have any excuses or distractions.

Marquez brought Storm out. Storm said everyone did this tonight as a team. He said at the end of the night Marquez will be announcing him as the new champion.

Tasha Steelz vs. Thunder Rosa

Steelz called Marquez over and had him interview her at ringside. She gave a great cocky and confident promo in her debut.

Rosa got a huge ovation from the crowd as Steelz laid arrogantly on the top rope waiting for her to get in the ring.

Rosa got the pin in about 5 minutes of fast paced action after the diving double stomp.

Rosa continued to attack Steelz after the win and Ashley Vox ran out to make the save. Rosa cut Vox off and gave her a shoulder breaker then bent her arm and fingers back. The announcers wondered if Vox will be 100% for the women’s tag match later on.

The Question Mark (with Student Aron Stevens) vs. Trevor Murdoch

Stevens followed behind Question Mark dressed in a karate outfit and he was carrying a rolled up flag. Stevens told the crowd to shut up because Question was going to perform a Mongrovian Flag Ceremony.

Question sang a made up National Anthem in a low groveling voice as Stevens rolled out a goofy flag. Stevens went to the back but had a unknown masked person stand at ringside and hold the flag up.

The Question Mark got the pin after the Mongrovian Spike when Stevens ran out and kept grabbing Murdoch’s leg as the referee was distracted. Before the finish, Murdoch had gone up to the top rope and it looked like he was going for the bulldog. He decided to grab the flag from the unknown flag bearer and threw it down to the ground.

NWA The Rock and Roll Express vs. Royce Issacs and Thom Latimer

Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson came out with Eddie Kingston and Homicide. They did an interview with Marquez. Morton said he’s not making any excuses but they wanted some back up because they know Issacs and Latimer can be a nightmare.

Issacs and Latimer came out with The Dawsons.

Morton and Gibson got the pin on Issacs after the double drop kick as The Dawson fought at ringside with Homicide and Kingston. Gibson did a sliding drop kick to the outside. Morton did the dive through the ropes and the Canadian Destroyer.

Galli and Bennett announced the next ppv is Jan. 24 with the return of the NWA TV Title. Bennett brought that title out from under their desk and showed it for the cameras.

Eli Drake did an interview with Marquez. Anderson came out and attacked Drake and gave him a mic check on a chair in the ring.

Allysin Kay and Ashley Vox vs. Melina and Marti Belle

Kay came out by herself and looked like she was willing to go 1 on 2. Marquez told the crowd there was a substitute partner. It was ODB.

ODB and Allysin Kay got the win after a stunner by ODB on Belle and the AK-47 by Kay on Melina. They went over to drink from ODB’s flask by Galli and Bennett to celebrate the win.

National Champion Colt Cabana vs. Aron Stevens (with The Question Mark) vs. Ricky Starks

Stevens left the match after a couple minutes. He hid behind the Christmas tree set up by the announcer desk so Starks and Cabana could go one on one and do all the work for a little while. The Question Mark stood at ringside.

Stevens won the title by stealing the pin on Cabana after The Question Mark gave Cabana the spike as Cabana had Starks pinned in the Superman Clutch. Question Mark then pulled Starks out of the ring and held him to stop him from breaking up the pin.

Main event guest referee Tim Storm came out to be interviewed by Marquez. He thanked the crowd and said their passion and enthusiasm was felt the same way by everyone in the back. He said it was an honor to be there and he will be representing The NWA.

NWA World Champion Nick Aldis vs. James Storm in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match

Brian Hebner is the referee of the first fall. Tim Storm is the referee of the second fall. A coin toss will determine the third fall referee if it comes down to that.

James Storm got the first fall after the Last Call Super Kick for the pin when Aldis was distracted by Kamille coming to ringside. He gave her the night off and told her to go to the back. She looked angry and reluctantly agreed. When he turned around Storm caught him with the kick.

James Storm continued to attack after the bell and Tim Storm immediately ran in to separate him.

Aldis wins the second fall by reversing a small package for the pin. Lots of brawling in this fall. They went into the crowd and around ringside. Aldis threw James Storm into the Christmas tree.

Brian Hebner won the coin toss to be the third fall referee.

Aldis wins the match in controversy. He accidentally clotheslined Hebner down while aiming for Storm. Tim Storm then came back in acting as a substitute referee. Aldis untied the turnbuckle to expose the metal. James Storm rolled him up but Aldis shoved him into the exposed buckle which “knocked him out”. Aldis applied the Texas Cloverleaf. Tim Storm saw that James was unconscious and called for the bell.

Aldis went over to Marquez and said that it used to be his ring but now it’s “our ring”. He put over James Storm but said he was confident that nobody can take the belt away from him. As he was going to walk away the lights dimmed and out came Marty Scrull to a huge reaction.

Aldis looked stunned and Scrull just stared him down. Aldis left the ring.

Scrull went over to talk to Marquez but unfortunately the stream cut out just as he began to speak. When it came back on Scrull was giving all the fans at ringside fist bumps.

Apparently, Marquez didn’t realize they were still on the air. You could hear him talking to the fans. He said it was moments like this that he’s honored to be part of The NWA. He said he fought for it and went to court over it. He thanked the fans for coming and said he hoped to see them tomorrow night. Tapings are sold out tomorrow and Monday.

This was a nonstop high energy show. They did not slow down for a minute. A great crowd and lots of fun. There were a couple of technical issues with the stream going out at the finish of the women’s tag and unfortunately for Scrull’s interview. But as of now, The NWA is back and on a credible roll.

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