SHINE 63 Results 12/13/19, Big Title Change

SHINE 63 results from Livonia, Michigan at Monaghan Knights of Columbus on 12/13/19 and live on Club WWN and FITE:

This shows how bad the company is at promoting things. The main focus of hype is this will be the opening round of the Nova Title tournament for the vacant title. Well, apparently a few days ago they very casually slipped in the little fact that SHINE Champion Allysin Kay will defend the title against Mercedes Martinez with Martinez’s SHINE career voluntary on the line as a stipulation. Most people weren’t even aware of this title match tonight and it could have been a bigger selling point that was a wasted opportunity.

No Lenny Leonard as he’s in Japan this weekend calling Dragon Gate. Trevin Adams is play by play and Zack Romero is color man.

Marti Belle vs. Avery Taylor in a Nova Title Tournament Match

Taylor got the pin after a body buster which I believe she calls The Encore. She was interviewed in the ring after and did a spirited promo. She said she would win the tournament tomorrow in Chicago and take the title home to Jersey.

Stormie Lee vs. ThunderKitty in a Nova Tournament Match

Lee got the pin after a downward spiral then did an arrogant interview afterwards. Wrong choice as Lee is always terrible in the ring.

La Rosa Negra vs. Notorious Nadi in a Nova Title Tournament Match

Nadi got the pin after a double arm DDT and a leg on the ropes. She said she is coming for Taylor tomorrow night in Chicago. It was all Negra for most of the match until a few big moves by Nadi at the end.

Jayme Jameson (with Marti Belle) vs. Lindsay Snow in a Nova Title Tournament Match

Snow got the pin in a Wrestling Booking 101 finish. Belle got on the ring to try to distract the referee and Snow then Jameson rushed at Snow but collided with Belle instead. Snow said she has the heart of a Champion. She’s stuck working Stormie Lee in Chicago.

Natalia Markova vs. Jenna in a Nova Title Tournament Match

Markova gets the pin by reversing Jenna’s submission attempt. Markova said she will make her future tomorrow.

Brandi Lauren vs. Randi West

West is a longtime Michigan and Midwest indie regular and one of the nicest people I’ve worked with in pro wrestling in the past.

Lauren got the win with the Rings of Lauren.

No surprise since she has been given a monster push in SHINE and EVOLVE. She has the ring announcer now introduce her as “EVOLVE Superstar. Ayla Fox joined Adams on color to scout the match for Aja Perera. After the match Lauren said she can beat anyone but didn’t think it was fair that she has to be in a tournament for the vacant title. She said she should have had a match against Shotzi Blackheart one on one for it (before Blackheart gave the title up to join WWE NXT).

Candy Cartwright vs. Double D’Rose in a Nova Title Tournament Match

D’Rose got the pin in another bad finish as Notorious Nadi came out and got on the ring to distract Cartwright as she was about to get the win. D’Rose faces Natalia Markova in Chicago.

Aja Perera (with Ayla Fox) vs. Kimber Lee in a Nova Title Tournament Match

Perera won by count out when Marti Belle and Jayme Jameson interfered and cost Lee the match. The announcers mentioned that Perera had a recent WWE tryout.

SHINE Champion Allysin Kay vs. Mercedes Martinez

Martinez won the title from Kay. The feed went out and I was not able to see how it happened. Kay lost in her home area.

Kay and Marti Belle left Michigan to head to Atlanta for the NWA ppv.

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