Warrior Wrestling 7 Results 12/13/19

Warrior Wrestling 7 results from Chicago Heights, Illinois at Marian Catholic High School on 12/13/19 and live on FITE: https://www.fite.tv/watch/warrior-wrestling-7/2p4wi/

A young lady opened the show by signing The Star Spangled Banner. I assume she’s one of the students, but despite being on FITE, it’s still the same bad Warrior Wrestling house mic and I couldn’t hear name.

Ethan Page came out in regular clothes and he had his Impact Wrestling Tag Title with him. He said he’s coming back on the Feb. 15 show and he wasn’t coming alone. Josh Alexander will be with him and they will defend the titles against anyone.

The Space Pirates came out to annoy him. They said they want a shot at the titles.

Page tried to hit them both in the face with the title but they ducked out of the way and hit a few moves on him to make him bail from the ring. He left without the title and The Pirates took it.

Rich Bocchini and Nick Hausman are the announcers. Hausman is the managing editor of the bottom feeding Wrestling Inc. website.

Jake Lander vs. Templaro

Templaro was advertised as being in a 4-way X-Division Match but there was no mention in the key match run down of that match.

Templaro got the pin after a Falcon Arrow off the top rope. He showed respect to Lander after the match. Too long of an opener with a few dangerous looking botches. Lander is green.

Holidead vs. Savanna Stone

Stone got the upset win with a spear for the pin. The announcers kept pushing she’s only 19 and even noted that she’s “green”. Another too long of a match with botches. The announcers questioned if the victory puts her in line for a title shot against Tessa Blanchard. This is the only women’s match on the show.

Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Ace Austin vs. Blake Christian vs. Carlos Romo

Rich said that Austin had travel issues and some of his bags didn’t make it in time including the one with the belt. Austin undercut that explanation in the ring. He cut a promo and said WALTER got the WWE U.K. Title stolen in Chicago so he purposely left the belt at home not to take any chances and now the match will not be for the title.

Austin pinned Christian after The Fold in a very good match with lots of innovative stuff. Christian and Romo are a couple to watch in 2020.

At one point it looked like Christian got the pin on Austin but the referee called it off. The fans knew it and booed him. Lots of unique saves in the match from each guy to break up the near falls.

Frank The Clown came out to set up the next match. Of course he cut his usual heel promo. Between the low mic and fans booing him, you could hardly hear what he was saying. He said he brought a gift for everyone which was himself.

Robert Anthony (with Frank The Clown) vs. Jake Atlas

The announcers said Atlas has downplayed going to WWE NXT and has accepted more indie bookings throughout next month but the rumors are he’s still on his way at some point.

Anthony got the upset win after a DVD for the pin when Atlas got distracted by going after Frank for interfering. It looked like Atlas would win after the LGB-DDT but Frank put Anthony’s leg on the rope to stop the count.

Sam Adonis vs. Michael Elgin

They went to a 20-minute time limit draw.

After the match Elgin got on the mic and said he loved Chicago and he didn’t want a draw because today was his birthday. He asked Adonis for five more minutes. Adonis got the crowd excited but then heeled them and refused. He told Elgin that they can negotiate a contract for Feb. 15 and do a No Time Limit Match.

Adonis chased a little kid in the crowd and the kid went into the ring. Elgin said he wanted a win on his birthday still. He pinned the referee and had the kid count the three.

Drago vs. Aerostar vs. Rey Horus vs. Black Taurus vs. Gringo Loco

Taurus pinned Loco after the Rodeo Driver. Fans threw money in after. All five guys fist bumped and raised each other’s hand. Taurus looked like he was having fun doing all kinds of power moves one minute and then moving around like a cruiserweight the next minute.

Rich said fans watching on FITE will NOT get to see Kurt Angle at home. His in-ring promo is for the live crowd only. I think it’s safe to assume that it’s due to WWE’s rule of talent under contract not allowed to be shown on FITE content. On other steaming platforms, WWE talent are not allowed to be shown live, but the VOD format airing is fine (so far) days later.


Lance Archer vs. Brian Pillman, Jr.

Archer had the IWGP U.S. Title with him.

Archer gets the pin with the EBD Claw.

Minoru Suzuki vs. Filthy Tom Lawlor

Suzuki got the pin after the Gotch Piledriver. The fans gave him a standing ovation afterwards.

They started off in an MMA style then spilled out of the ring to brawl. Suzuki grabbed a chair from the crowd and smashed Lawlor over the back with it. Back in the ring, Suzuki delivered a few quick knee strikes. Lawlor gave him a couple of suplexes. They exchanged going for the rear naked choke submission on each other.

Suzuki let the little kid who was involved in the Elgin post match angle chop him on the way back to the locker room and then pretended to choke the kid out.

Warrior Wrestling Champion Brian Cage vs. El Phantasmo

Phantasmo cut a promo before the match on a too long of a show as it is. He said everything about Chicago sucks including CM Punk. Cage clotheslined him down and the bell sounded to start the match.

Cage got the pin after the drill claw in a good match.

The referee looked like he botched another count as Cage gave Phantasmo a powerbomb, buckle bomb, and a powerbomb over the knee. The referee looked like he counted three but Phantasmo clearly got the shoulder up and the match continued. The crowd chanted “you fucked up” which was kind of funny as the event is in a Catholic School.

Fans were on their feet waiting for Will Ospreay who was out last for the main event. The graphic had his name listed as “Will O’Spreay”.

Will Ospreay, Amazing Red, and Rocky Romero vs. Trey Miguel, Zachary Wentz, and Dezmond Xavier

The fans chanted “All these guys!” as the match began.

Ospreay got the pin on Xavier after the Storm Breaker in an excellent match. So much action you couldn’t keep up with it and nobody phoned it in. Red gave one of The Rascalz a Code Red off the top rope on everyone else down on the floor. They all showed each other respect after.

Ospreay did a long promo after and sang a few bars of “Sweet Home Chicago”. He put everyone over in the match. He said Red hasn’t lost a step. He said New Japan Pro Wrestling is the best wrestling in the world and they will be back.

Danhausen won what was apparently the dark match based on a report I received because it was not on FITE. He pinned Reilly Maguire after a DDT.

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