NWA Powerrr Season 2 Premier Results 12/17/19

NWA Powerrr results from Atlanta, Georgia at Georgia Public Broadcasting Studios on 12/17/19 (episodes were taped on Dec. 15 and Dec. 16): https://youtu.be/DpU_VzomKkk

David Lagana and crew were up all night after the three day weekend of NWA events to get this show ready to air tonight in its usual 6:05pm EST spot on YouTube.

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett welcome everyone and run down the card. They turned things over to David Marquez at the interview desk.

Marquez interviewed National Champion Aron Stevens who was accompanied by The Question Mark as usual. Stevens said he’s a dangerous man because he’s the first American to earn a third degree black belt in Mongrovian Karate in only three weeks. He said Ric Flair, Jack Briscoe, and Dick The Bruiser held the National Title but he’s on a different level. He said he’s now calling the title the Third Degree National Championship and referring to himself as “Shooter Stevens”.

Marquez asked him what they want next. Stevens said they want belts and he’s not afraid to say belts. He said they want the NWA World Tag Team Titles and The Question Mark will go after the NWA TV Title.

Colt Cabana came out and said Stevens wouldn’t have won the title or any other title without the help of The Question Mark.

Stevens blew off Cabana and said they will no longer have to worry about each other. He suggested that Cabana find a new hobby and walked away from the segment with The Question Mark.

Thunder Rosa was standing off to the side looking impatient for them to stop talking. Stevens and The Question Mark looked scared of her as they walked past her to the backstage area.

Rosa told the crowd to be silent and she brought Melina out. Melina was wearing a Santa hat and she went on the ring apron to show off to the crowd.

Ashley Vox ran out and attacked Rosa but Melina stopped her. The heels set up Vox’s arm on the ring steps. Rosa climbed to the top rope in hopes of giving Vox the diving double stomp on the arm but Allysin Kay and ODB ran out to make the save in time.

They showed clips of Mr. Anderson injuring Eli Drake with a chair after their match at Into The Fire on Saturday.

Tickets go on sale on Friday, December 20, 2019 for the 1/24/20 ppv called “Hard Times” and the next TV tapings on 1/25 and 1/26. All shows are back at Georgia Public Broadcasting Studios. https://www.nationalwrestlingalliance.com/news/tickets-for-january-24-25-26th-on-sale-this-friday

They showed Melina yelling at Marti Belle backstage with Rosa looking angry at Belle. Melina asked her were she was and why she didn’t come out to help them against Kay, ODB, and Vox. Belle was shocked and confused. She said Melina told her to stay in the back. Melina said she didn’t need to do what she was told and should have did what was needed. She said Belle should act more like Rosa. She walked away mad from Belle as Rosa followed. (I hope they’re not planning on breaking this stable up so quickly).

Galli and Bennett talked more about the NWA TV Title Tournament. Bennett said the finals will be on the 1/24/20 ppv and all the time limits will be a symbolic 6:05 mark. If matches go to a draw everyone is eliminated.

Zicky Dice vs. Sal Rinauro vs. C.W. Anderson in a TV Title Tournament Qualifier with a 6:05 time limit

Dice pinned Rinauro after dumping Anderson out of the ring and pinning Rinauro after his “snake rattle and roll” neck breaker.

Dice did a very charismatic interview with Marquez. He said he’s “Outlandish” Zicky Dice and he doesn’t need luck because he will be the next TV Champion.

The Dawsons came out angry. They said James Storm was right, there is a conspiracy in The NWA and they were apart of it. They said they were going to tell the truth about it. Royce Issacs and Thom Latimer came out and ran them off with a chair before they could reveal their news.

They showed the Marty Scrull interview with Marquez that took place after the ppv on Saturday. Scrull said people have been asking him what he’s doing in the NWA and what he will do next. He said he does whatever he likes. He said he started out with Nick Aldis and Stu Bennett about 15 years ago. He said he knows he can beat Aldis but he actually didn’t know what he will do next. He said all he wants is a chance at the NWA World Title.

Eddie Kingston joined Galli and Bennett on commentary. They said Homicide was injured but a cranky Kingston refused to give an exact update on his condition. He said Homicide was fine and he’ll be back when he’s ready.

NWA World Tag Team Champions Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson vs. Zach Mosley and Sean Sims

Morton and Gibson get the double cradle pin on Mosley and Sims at the same time in quick fashion.

Galli interviewed Morton and Gibson after. Morton said The NWA built the city and he ran down being in the company of The Midnight Express, The Four Horsemen, and Dusty Rhodes and Magnum T.A.

Galli said the two are tag team experts and experts on NWA history. He asked what they thought of Aldis as NWA World Champion. Morton said Aldis proved himself after beating James Storm but he has a long way to go before he can keep mentioning being among names like Ric Flair and Harley Race as champions.

The Dawsons came out again and wanted to tell the crowd about the conspiracy but Issacs and Latimer once again stopped them. They brawled with them to keep them from talking.

The Dawsons (Zane and Dave Dawson) vs. Royce Issacs and Thom Latimer

Latimer and Issacs pinned Zane after a double team finisher as the referee was trying to get Dave out of the ring. They attacked Zane’s hand after the match.

Latimer and Issacs walked over to the interview desk and said that’s what The Dawsons get for sticking their nose in. They said The Dawsons are liars and there is no conspiracy theory. They said Santa Claus is a liar too.

All of a sudden Jocephus came out dressed as Santa and he gave away several gifts to the crowd.

They showed a backstage interview with James Storm after the ppv loss on Saturday. He had a red mark on his head from being sent face first into the exposed turnbuckle. He said it seemed like Aldis purposely took his referee (Brian Hebner) out so he could bring in his referee (Tim Storm) to call the match and do the dirty work. He said he never submitted in the match and nobody ever saw him submit. He said he will go back to the bottom and work his way back up to get at Aldis again. He said Aldis is bringing out the old James Storm in him.

Zicky Dice came out by Marquez as Marquez brought out everyone in the TV Title Tournament. Ricky Starks, Caleb Konley, Colt Cabana, Thom Latimer, The Question Mark, Eddie Kingston, Tim Storm, The Dawsons, and Nick Aldis.

Nikita Koloff came out to pick the match ups out of a bowl for the tournament. He said it’s good to be back in The NWA and to see the TV Title brought back.

Eddie Kingston vs. Ricky Starks and Colt Cabana vs. The Question Mark were the first two matches announced. Marquez said they will take place next week.

Aldis and Starks went over to Marquez. Aldis said he has no challengers left for the World Title and he wants to make history by holding the World Title and TV Title at the same time. He put over Starks and said he’s a good draft pick who could make it to the finals to lose to him.

Marquez asked Aldis about Marty Scrull. He said he had no comment. He said people said negative comments about The NWA, but now that it’s gotten hot, people are begging for spots. He said Scrull is a friend but he’s trying to interject himself into a title shot and that’s not how they do things in The NWA.

Marquez asked him about Ricky Morton’s comments earlier. Aldis said he did not hear the comments but will go back and take a look later.

Marquez finally asked about Kamille’s status with him. Aldis said he needs more than an insurance policy, he needs a team. He said we would be seeing more about that in coming weeks, but as of now, Kamille is no longer his insurance policy.

They showed a taped sit down interview with Bennett and Marty Scrull at ringside. Scrull said he likes to keep people guessing on where he’s going to show up and what he’s going to do next to make things interesting. He said he likes The NWA being about respect and tradition. He said he wants a title shot and World Title matches there are important and on the level of when he and Bennett were kids.

Tim Storm joined Galli and Bennett as a guest announcer. They asked hid opinions on the NWA Title situation. He said Scrull deserves a shot and would make a great champion.

Eli Drake came out selling a hoarse voice after the chair attack by Mr. Anderson at the ppv. He challenged Anderson to a No Disqualification Match.

Eli Drake vs. Mr. Ken Anderson in a No Disqualification Match

Drake got the clean pin after Gravy Train. He could have used a chair but decided against it.

Aldis came out and got in the face of Tim Storm at the announcers desk. He told Storm to keep his name and opinions out of his mouth. He said they are through.

Storm went to the ring and took off his jacket and challenged Aldis to a fight. Aldis followed him and took off his jacket too.

Issacs and Latimer ran in and jumped Storm from behind.

Kamille came in and got in Aldis’ face and backed him into a corner. She then turned around and gave Storm a spear.

Aldis, Kamille, Issacs, and Latimer all gloated over Storm. Kamille made out with Latimer. They all hugged and celebrated as the show went off the air.

This was a load show that built up a lot of storylines and angles. It went over an hour and I actually had to watch it twice to take notes for this report.

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