Ryan Satin Continues To Lose Credibility

On 12/21/19, Ryan Satin of WWE Backstage got into a heated Twitter exchange with Mike Johnson of PW Insider.

The whole thing started after PW Insider’s Dave Scherer answered a fan question about Satin being part of WWE Backstage. Scherer said there really is no more journalistic integrity any place these days (I totally agree) and he personally wouldn’t have taken the job. He was merely answering a question honestly.

Satin mistakenly thought it was Johnson who responded to the fan. That ended up getting Johnson’s attention which led to a brief war of words between the two.

During the exchange, Satin apologized for wrongly accusing Johnson, but he made it clear he didn’t like that PW Insider itself questioned his journalist integrity to begin with. He claims he writes his own scripts for his “The Satin Sheet” segment on FS1’s WWE Backstage. https://twitter.com/ryansatin/status/1208455941810638848?s=21

The show airs every Tuesday at 11pm EST on FS1, but thus far Satin has not been consistently booked every week apparently due to time restraints with revolving segments and guests on the broadcast.

Fans on Twitter jumped in and asked why Satin never mentioned Corey Graves criticism of Mauro Ranallo’s commentary, which caused Ranallo to quit Twitter, or Jordan Myles (ACH) getting released by WWE NXT after making a series of hostile public demands for them to let him go.

Satin responded with what surely seemed to be a poor excuse by saying the Ranallo and Myles situations involved mental health issues. He said he didn’t want to make things worse by talking about them on TV. He then deflected the criticism by bringing up that he reported Johnny Gargano is out of action with an injury, Dio Madden is no longer on Raw, and various WWE talent has recently renewed contracts as examples of his news segment on TV.

Conveniently left off of “The Satin Sheet” segments, and WWE Backstage as a whole by the hosts, were several bad PR news items that WWE doesn’t want covered on their affiliated programming. Kairi Sane is out of action with a possible concussion after a dangerous and potentially career threatening TLC match. Bobby Roode and Primo are suspended for drug testing failures. Luke Harper, Sin Cara, and The Ascension were recently released by WWE after requesting to be.

Satin has no journalistic integrity. He is a spoiled Hollywood Trust Fund Kid stereotype that sold out long ago. (His father is Scott Satin, a reality show writer and producer.)

He started off as an “ambulance chaser” reporter on the sleazy entertainment news show TMZ thanks to his father’s connections in the entertainment industry. He gained popularity as “The Wrestling Guy” who wore wrestling T-shirts on air. Occasionally he would catch up with pro wrestlers at LAX for interviews. A lot of pro wrestlers recognized him from watching TMZ, and many were glad to be on the show knowing it was big mainstream press.

Despite his claims, he and the WWE Backstage hosts are only allowed to talk about what WWE and Fox Sports allow them to talk about on the air. It is a “fluff news” show like “Live with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest”. You will hear more heated controversy and opinions on The View than either of these two shows.

It’s sobering to see fans on social media always defending Satin with many claiming they “prefer” him and Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp over Mike Johnson and Dave Meltzer. The fact is, 98% of PW Sheet and Fightful content is copy and pasted from PW Insider, Wrestling Observer, and WWE press releases.

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