NWA Powerrr Results 12/23/19

NWA Powerrr results from Atlanta, Georgia at Georgia Public Broadcasting studios on 12/23/19 (shows taped Dec. 15 and 16): https://youtu.be/RIVE2JUlpIc

The show opened with a recap from last week with Nick Aldis turning on Tim Storm and forming a stable with Kamille, Royce Issacs, and Thom Latimer.

David Marquez interviewed Trevor Murdoch and he said Murdoch has some news. A proud Murdoch said the hard work paid off and he finally has an NWA contract.

Zicky Dice interrupted and said he’s hung over after being with Dusty. Marquez looked confused and Dice told him Dusty was a stripper. Murdoch was insulted for being interrupted and Dice told him to show respect because he will be the new NWA TV champion.

The Pope (Elijah Burke) then came out and did a usual good promo. He name dropped several legendary tag team names. He said he’s there to scout talent to form a team of his own. Dice asked him if he could be talent he was looking for. The Pope just walked away without answering him and went over to join Joe Galli and Stu Bennett on guest commentary.

Ricky Starks vs. Eddie Kingston in a TV Title Tournament qualifier

Starks got the pin after the Angel Wings face buster he calls The Buster Keaton.

They showed the Aldis/Storm situation again.

Marquez said Royce Issacs asked for some time. Issacs came out with a woman. He was in a very quirky mood. He said the woman’s name was May Valentine. They all did a comedy sexual innuendo promo after Issacs whispered something about Valentine to Marquez.

Issacs said he wanted to have a match so he can show off and impress Valentine.

James Storm came out and accepted it as an open challenge. Issacs reluctantly agreed and stalled around getting kisses from Valentine before the match.

James Storm vs. Royce Issacs

Storm won by count out after a couple of minutes when Issacs got frustrated and left the ring to the back with Valentine. The whole segment and match was incredibly stupid. It seemed like just an excuse to introduce Valentine but in a bad comedy way.

Eli Drake came out with a champagne bottle and cut what was supposed to be a drunken interview with Marquez. He said he was in the holiday spirit. There was a man (Jocephus) and woman (Sheri Shaw, NWA’s stage manager and music director) dressed up as Santa and Elf singing “O Come, All Ye Faithful” as Drake led the crowd to sing with them.

Nick Aldis came out with Kamille, Royce Issacs, and Thom Latimer. May Valentine was not with them after all the build up in the earlier segment. Aldis was in a great mood but he refused to let Kamille speak to Marquez. He said everything with Kamille the last several weeks has been all part of the plan. He gloated that they worked everyone.

Marquez asked Aldis about Ricky Morton’s comments last week when Morton said it will be a while before Aldis is in the ranks of the legends. Aldis asked Morton and Robert Gibson to come out.

Morton was wearing a Rock and Roll Express Christmas sweater and Gibson had a Tiger Hatori Retirement t-shirt on.

Morton seemed annoyed and said he was asked an opinion and gave an honest one. He said it was Christmas Eve and he was sorry if he offended Aldis and offered a handshake.

Aldis had a cold and stern tone. He said Morton saw what happened to James Storm and Tim Storm recently so he should watch his mouth as well. Aldis and his crew then brushed by Morton and Gibson to walk to the back as Morton looked stunned.

Allysin Kay, ODB, and Ashley Vox vs. Melina, Thunder Rosa, and Marti Belle

Galli said the stipulation is the winner of the fall can pick an opponent for a match.

Rosa pinned Vox after a wicked looking shoulder breaker and the Rosa Driver. Melina and Belle gave Kay a double team hot shot and ODB was dumped to the outside.

Marquez asked Rosa who she picked to face next. It looked like Rosa was going to choose Kay for the title but Melina cut her off and told Marquez she picks ODB. Rosa looked annoyed but reluctantly agreed to go along with Melina’s peer pressure and picked ODB.

Marquez was with Tim Storm and The Dawsons to pick the names for the TV Title Tournament out of a bowl. It will be Tim Storm vs. Nick Aldis next week. Storm cut another good and passionate promo about getting his work ethic from his mother and being underestimated for his look like Dusty Rhodes was.

Colt Cabana vs. The Question Mark in a TV qualifier

Question Mark got the upset pin after Cabana flew off the top rope but got caught with The Mongrovian Spike.

Aron Stevens did a promo backstage with The Question Mark. He said they would be getting all the belts with the power of Karate.

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