WWN Reveals “Accelerate” Events Concept For WM Week

WWN sent out PR announcing two shows for Wrestlemania week called “Accelerate” on 4/2/20 at 12pm EST and 4pm.

They will be men and women’s tournaments featuring EVOLVE, NXT, NXT UK, Progress, and wXw talent. All of those groups are WWE territories.

There have been rumors going around in Europe that WWE actually owns Progress, EVOLVE, and wXw, but nobody will officially say it. When it comes to pro wrestling politics and working agreements they are all “WWE’s Bitches” in any case.

Of course the NXT name was listed on top of all of the other groups in the PR. They went out of their way to claim the tournaments will NOT be about brand supremacy. It’s early, but I can’t see a lot of NXT talent doing jobs with WWE’s outdated booking and paranoia.

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