PROGRESS Ch. 100 Results 12/30/19, Jim Smallman’s Last Show

PROGRESS results of their “Unboxing” event, which was also the 100th show milestone, from London, U.K. at the Electric Ballroom on 12/30/19:

Mercedez Blaze and Jerry Bakewell beat Cassius The Neon Explosion and Nye-Oh when Bakewell pinned Nye-Oh.

They did a rap battle with several members of the roster that included Kid Lykos, Chief Deputy Dunne, Scotty Davis, Federales, Jr. Roy Johnson, Chris Ridgeway, and others. The winner could pick a match stipulation. Kid Lykos won and said he wanted to have a reverse battle royal.

Chief Deputy Dunne won the reverse battle royal by dumping Scotty Davis last.

Ilja Dragunov pinned Kyle Fletcher after the Torpedo Moskau.

Unified World Champion Eddie Dennis pinned The OJMO after the Next Stop Driver.

Women’s Champion Jinny came and said her match against Toni Storm would not take place because Storm was ill. (Storm worked the Pro Wrestling Soul show the other day losing to Dani Luna). She then did a “saving face” type of promo and said the women’s division would be elevated to new heights in 2020. There was no women’s match on the show at all because of this situation.

Cara Noir won a 4-Way Match over Connor Mills, Mark Haskins, and Paul Robinson by pinning Mills after a piledriver.

Tyler Bate and Trent Stevens beat Rampage Brown and Dan Moloney when Stevens pinned Moloney after a double team finisher.

Jimmy Havoc pinned David Starr in a Death Match after the Acid Rainmaker on a barbwire board.

Jim Smallman came out to say goodbye. He announced his departure from the company months ago. Co-owners Glen Joseph and Jon Briley were out with him. They all write the NXT U.K. shows as well and work closely with William Regal.

Jan. 19, 2020 is Chapter 101 back at Electric Ballroom.

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