NWA Powerrr results from Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios on 1/1/20 (episodes taped 12/15 and 12/16):

The show opened with David Marquez talking to Tim Storm about the NWA TV Title Tournament and Nick Aldis turning on him. He said he will kick Aldis’ ass.

Aldis came out with Kamille. He and Storm sarcastically wished each other a Happy New Year. He gave a great cocky heel promo. He said he just entered the tournament for fun because there’s no one else left to defend the World Title against so he might as well have two belts.

He taunted Storm to lose his cool. Kamille got up close into Storm’s face and kept smirking at him but Storm kept his eyes on Aldis. He called Storm and Ricky Morton “Randy The Rams” which was Micky Rourke’s character in “The Wrestler” from 2008.

NWA National Champion Aron Stevens (doing his Shooter gimmick) beat Sal Rinauro in a non-title submission exhibition match. He used a cobra clutch that Stu Bennett called “The Mongrovian Clutch”. He refused to break the hold after and Trevor Murdoch ran in to make the save.

Stevens went over to complain to Marquez at the interview podium. He said Murdoch was unsportsmanlike. Murdoch said he doesn’t appreciate Stevens costing him the ppv match against The Question Mark or taking advantage of a “young kid”. They argued and Murdoch said he didn’t want a title shot, he just wanted to kick his ass.

Stevens said they could have a shoot match if Murdoch put his TV Title Tournament spot on the line. Murdoch agreed.

Trevor Murdoch beat Aron Stevens with an Indian Death Lock submission.

They showed clips of a conversation between The Pope, Eddie Kingston, and Homicide in a segment called Powerrr Surge. It will be coming soon to The NWA website. http://NationalWrestlingAlliance.com

A music video aired to plug the Hard Times ppv on Jan. 24 which is on FITE. The song of the same name was from William Patrick Corgan himself off of his new solo album “Cotillions”.

Eli Drake did an interview with Joe Galli. He said Nick Aldis is afraid to put the title on the line. He also called out Ricky Morton and said he needs to find a tag team partner and go after The Rock and Roll Express.

Colt Cabana came out and said he’s tired of Drake running people down. He turned down Drake’s offer to be his tag partner. He said he’s loyal to Ken Anderson as a tag team. They argued and Anderson came out to go after Drake but they were separated before anything could happen.

They showed conversations at ringside with Melina, Marti Belle, and Thunder Rosa gossiping about Allysin Kay. Kay, ODB, Ashley Vox, and Tasha Steelz were then shown talking about the heels. It’s for an upcoming website segment called “Girl Powerrr”. http://NationalWrestlingAlliance.com

Tasha Steelz pinned Marti Belle after a cutter. Melina was at ringside with Belle and she got in the ring after the match to yell at Belle for the loss.

Kyle Davis and Anastasia Fletcher picked names for an upcoming match in the TV Title Tournament. It will be Zicky Dice vs. Caleb Konley.

Tim Storm came out for the main event against Nick Aldis in the tournament.

Aldis came out with Royce Issacs, Thom Latimer, Kamille, and May Valentine to talk to Marquez. He said the name of their group is called Strictly Business. He said he’s not dressed to compete because he was in the tournament for fun and Storm isn’t making things fun for him any more. He said it’s not worth getting hurt over.

Storm ran out of the ring but was held back. He called Aldis a coward.

Aldis teased getting in the ring but then heeled everyone and walked back to the interview podium. He said it’s a New Year so he’s putting Storm behind him. He forced a reluctant Issacs to substitute for him.

Tim Storm pinned Royce Issacs after Perfect Storm in a TV Title Tournament Qualifier.

The show ended with The Rock and Roll Express appearing behind Aldis as he was reacting to Storm’s win. Morton told him not to turn his back on an opponent. He and Robert Gibson led the crowd in “rock and roll” chants as the show went off the air.

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