Bar Wrestling Results 1/1/20

Bar Wrestling results of their “Rose Parade” show from Los Angeles, California at Bootleg Theatre on 1/1/20:

Priscilla Kelly, Ray Rosas and Uptown Andy Brown beat Miranda Alize, Eli Everfly, and Chris Bey.

Jake Atlas beat Adrian Quest. This was Atlas’ last Bar Wrestling match as he’s signed with WWE NXT.

Heather Monroe and Dom Kubrick came out to celebrate with Atlas after the match. They all trained at Santino Brothers Wrestling. Monroe made a good tag team with Atlas in Bar Wrestling at times recently. Yuma and BHK ran in and attacked everyone to break up the hug fest to lead into the next match.

Yuma and BHK won a 3-Way Tag Team Match over Heather Monroe and Dom Kubrick… Caleb Konley and Zane Riley when BHK pinned Riley.

Tommy Dreamer pinned WATTS in a hardcore match after a DVD between two chairs set up in the middle of the ring. Dreamer had a trash can full of weapons in the match that included a toilet plunger.

Kris Statlander pinned Giselle Shaw after The Big Bang piledriver.

David Arquette and RJ City beat Joey Ryan and Colt Cabana when Arquette pinned Cabana and Ryan at the same time after a Diamond Cutter.

Ryan got on the mic and mentioned this was the last Bar Wrestling for Jake Atlas and also Kathy Campenelli. Campanelli has worked for them other California indies as announcer and she does a tremendous job.

Brian Cage pinned Teddy Hart after an F-5 off the top rope followed up by the Drill Claw.

The next show is Bar Wrestling vs GCW on 1/23/20 in Baldwin Park at the American Legion.

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