EVOLVE “Do Or Die Showcase 2” results from Port Richey, Florida at Gulf View Event Center on 1/5/20 and free and live on WWN Live Facebook page: https://fbwat.ch/1W5ttS8C6IzIDTgx

Trevin Adams was in the ring and said he had a special surprise for a couple of people to start the show. He asked Liam Gray and Adrian Alanis to come out. He said they worked hard enough to finally receive EVOLVE contracts.

Task Force (Mikey Spandex and DMC) came out and interrupted the celebration. They said they deserved the contracts instead. They said if they can’t get a contract on their own, they’ll just take Alanis and Gray’s contracts instead.

Gray and Alanis laughed that Task Force thought they even deserve a contract after just being on a couple of WWN shows. They said they would put the contracts on the line against them in the main event.

Cyrus Satin vs. Palmer Cruise

Zac Romero did interviews with both guys on the stage as they came out to give them a chance to get promo time in front of a live crowd. Both guys are from Michigan. Cruise trained at “House of Truth” which is Truth Martini’s school in Center Line, Michigan.

Stain got the pin with a roll up as Cruise tried to finish him with a second brainbuster attempt.

Alex Sky came to the ring and cut a rhyming promo. She told the crowd she’s deaf but she doesn’t let her disability get in the way of her in-ring ability.

Brandi Lauren came out with Anthony Greene. She was arrogant and not impressed with Sky. She told Sky to get out of her ring.

Sky said she would face Lauren any place and time. Lauren was in regular clothes but accepted the challenge.

Brandi Lauren vs. Alex Sky

Trevin Adams said Sky has an implant in her ear or else she would be completely deaf.

Lauren got the pin after a rope draping spinning neckbreaker. Greene held Lauren from ricocheting off the ropes when Sky whipped her into them. Sky then charged at her and ended up stunning herself on the ropes to lead to the finish.

After the match, Lauren and Greene were going to attack Sky but Kevin Lee Davidson and Lil Jay ran in and made the save.

Davidson said he wasn’t going to allow someone to be bullied. He challenged Greene to a match. Greene refused but said anyone else from the back might want to step up and take the chance. Ben Buchanan came out to get the spot.

Ben Buchanan vs. KLD

Adams said Buchanan is the son of Bull Buchanan.

KLD got the pin after a spear and a sky high.

Alex Todd vs. Chuck Davis vs. The System vs. Tyzan

All the guys were interviewed before the match. The System had a violin with him and promised someone would get hit with it.

The System used the violin to hit Tyzan in the crotch for the pin. The referee was distracted by Davis and Todd fighting on the outside.

After the match, Tyzan hit The System with the violin as he was celebrating and then stomped on the violin to break it.

Joe Keys vs. Bobby Flaco

Flaco got the pin after a springboard double stomp.

Task Force attacked Flaco after the match and gave him a double team move. Leon Ruff made the save. The announcers said Gray and Alanis could lose the match and their contracts if they get hit with that move.

Chelsea Durden vs. Amber Nova

Nova got the pin after a stunner.

Cameron Carter vs. Ariel Dominguez

Carter cut a cocky heel promo before the match. Anthony Greene and Brandi Lauren came out. Greene said he liked what he sees so far. He said whoever wins the match can join him and Lauren in “The In Crowd”.

Since “Retro” Anthony Greene’s gimmick is the 1980s, I wonder if the stable is named after the delightful 1988 movie of the same name starring Jennifer Runyon, Donovan Leitch, and Joe Pantoliano? https://youtu.be/AYGImERkqeg

Dominguez got the counter pin for the win.

After the match, Greene and Lauren came out and made the exact types of short jokes at Dominguez as all of the heels do to Chad Gable in WWE. They ended up stomping him until KLD and Lil Jay made the save.

KLD laid Greene out then Lauren got in KLD’s face. Alex Sky ran in and gave Lauren an X-Factor.

Adrian Alanis and Liam Gray vs. Task Force

Alanis and Gray got the win and the EVOLVE contracts after a double team finisher on Spandex for the pin.

Alanis thanked the crowd for coming out. The next EVOLVE shows are Jan. 17 and 18 in Ybor City, Florida and Orlando, Florida.

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