NWA Powerrr Results 1/7/20

NWA Powerrr results from Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios on 1/7/20 (shows taped on 12/15/19 and 12/16/19): https://youtu.be/RHhLQ9lM6kk

The show opened with Joe Galli interviewing Tim Storm at the podium about the NWA TV Title Tournament. Storm said it would be a pleasure to hold any title in The NWA but the TV Title has the reputation of being the “work horse”. He said there are two “blind draw spots” in the tournament which could be anyone including a legend or someone from a different company.

Storm said he was disappointed that Nick Aldis didn’t want to face him in the tournament and used Royce Issacs as his substitute instead. He said the fans deserved to see the match and he hopes it can still happen.

Kamille came out and grabbed the mic from Galli with force. She looked like she was going to speak but held the mic to her mouth and arrogantly smiled at Storm but she didn’t talk.

Storm asked why she came out and not Aldis. He asked if Aldis was a coward. Kamille slapped him and he looked like he was going to explode but he never put a hand on her. She kept smiling and walked away.

David Marquez was out with Trevor Murdoch, The Dawsons, and Anastasia to pick more names for the TV Title Tournament. The Dawson Brothers will face each other next week, and Murdoch will face Thom Latimer.

Zicky Dice vs. Caleb Konley in a TV Title Tournament Qualifier

Dice got the pin after the snake rattle and royal neckbreaker with a 1:40 left in the 6:05 time limit.

Joe Galli had a pre-taped ringside at interview with NWA National Champion Aron Stevens and The Question Mark. Steven was calm and it was played in a serious tone compared to the usual promos from him. He said once again that they will go after the Tag Titles and he eventually wants to go after the World Title in addition to being National Champion.

Allysin Kay joined Galli and Stu Bennett at commentary.

Thunder Rosa vs. ODB

Rosa got the pin after a backstabber and the diving double stomp.

They aired a fake commercial with The Rock and Roll Express advertising a relationship advice hotline.

Nick Aldis came out for a interview with Galli. The fans were all over him and chanting “coward”. Kamille was not with him. He said she was no longer his insurance policy. He said she’s a member of Strictly Business and free to do what she wants.

Aldis said people didn’t think he wanted to be in the TV Title Tournament against Tim Storm because he couldn’t last the 6:05 time limit. He said that wasn’t the reason because he goes longer in the bedroom all night.

He said he will face Ricky Starks in a 6:05 time limit match to prove it and he wants to make someone a star tonight.

Nick Aldis vs. Ricky Starks in a 6:05 time limit Exhibition Match

They went to the time limit draw with Starks managing to hold on without tapping while Aldis had him in the clover leaf submission before time expired.

Ricky Morton came out and got on the ring. He said it was a great match and Aldis should give Starks five more minutes. He got the crowd to chant “5 more minutes”. Aldis teased that he would allow it but then said “no”.

Morton said if Aldis wouldn’t give Starks more time, then maybe he’ll give him five minutes instead. Aldis refused Morton’s challenge as well and walked out.

Colt Cabana and Ken Anderson vs. Eli Drake and James Storm

Royce Issacs and Thom Latimer were supposed to be in this match too to make it a 3-Way Match. The announcers said Aldis must have told them not to be involved now.

Drake and Storm won by Disqualification when Anderson shoved the referee. The announcers questioned Anderson’s temper at times and made him like he’s a “loose cannon”.

Strictly Business came out. Aldis said the reason why Issacs and Latimer weren’t in the match is because he has the power to give and take away. He said it wasn’t in their best interest to be in the match.

Aldis asked for Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson to come out. He told them they should settle things with a 6-man Tag Team Match. He said if Morton’s team wins, he’ll give him a title shot.

Morton said in his day the World Champion didn’t go five or six minutes, they went 60 minutes. He said he doesn’t play backstage politics like Aldis over title shots. He said he sticks up for the locker room and the fans. He accepted the challenge and said Aldis can put a team of stooges together and he and Gibson will find a friend.

Aldis said he didn’t want himself or Morton in the match so there is no excuses of who wins or loses. He said it will be Issacs and Latimer on his team, but he’s brought in an independent contractor as their partner.

Scott Steiner came out as their partner. He gave a high five with Aldis and they hugged as the show went off the air.

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